Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday (Wrigley) Quickie

For starters, let's just say that the modified rules for the Wrigley game today -- only one end zone in use -- takes a game that was already going to be fun to watch for its overall aesthetics... and turns it into one of the most one-of-a-kind football games ever played. It's a must-see.

(Go back to Twitter and look up the hashtag #wrigleypickuprules, which turns the rule-change into a turn-back-the-clock nostalgia-fest for the backyard football games of our childhood.)

Boise rolls: Speaking of must-see, I tuned in to the Boise-Fresno game last night for the 1st quarter and was actually kind of excited to see Fresno hold Boise to 3 points. Then I wake up, check the score and... it's 51-0. Now, remember, this Fresno team gave up 55 to Ole Miss. Then again, they nearly beat Nevada last week. Still: It's a big statement.

Otherwise, it's a relatively quiet day in college football: Oregon and Auburn aren't going to lose -- because they aren't playing. Ohio State-Iowa is mildly interesting (but not nearly as interesting as the Wrigley game, which deserves OSU-IA's spot on ABC).

Bruce Pearl suspended: 8 conference games -- nearly half the league season -- gives you an indication of just how serious his problems were. It's a good thing for him that he has so much job security that they'd rather lose him for half a season than fire him outright.

More CBB: Minnesota stuns UNC. Welcome to college basketball, Harrison Barnes. You might be the most talented player in the country, but your team is still only just OK. This might have been the biggest win of Tubby Smith's Minnesota stint. Expectations are now MUCH higher.

Pitt wins CvC: Between beating Texas last night and beating Maryland the other night, a pretty good trip to NYC for Pitt. (Still can't buy Pitt as a Final Four contender. They always seem to fall short in March when it matters.)

NBA: Tim Duncan has become the Spurs' all-time leading scorer. That just feels right... wow: playing without Kevin Durant, the Thunder beat the Celtics...

Astros for sale: Will Mark Cuban make a play? He should.

Colt Brennan hurt in car crash: Here's hoping he and his co-passengers have a full recovery. His girlfriend, Shakti Stream, is currently the No. 2 most-searched topic on the Web.

-- D.S.

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