Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/12 Quickie: LeBron, Hoke, More

Let's try this again, friends. I'm going to post the Quickie column here (and first), then "re-publish" it on Quickish a little later. That way, it's easy to find (including RSS) but it's still on Quickish. Cool? Legggooo...

Antonio Cromartie calls Tom Brady an "asshole": Sigh. And there's your meme for the day -- or rest of the week. Yes, he shouldn't have said it. Yes, he's kind of an idiot. Yes, the "kids" thing. But, yes, Brady IS kind of an asshole, and we all can agree on that.

LeBron's "karma" tweet: ICYMI, LeBron tweeted this out late last night, as the Lakers were absolutely trouncing the Cavs:

Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!

It's what everyone will be talking about today, even if it's totally superficial, because (a) it's LeBron, (b) and he's dissing the Cavs, (c) kicking them while they were getting humiliated.

I don't mind LeBron speaking his mind -- the less filtered the better, frankly -- but it came off as classless and fuels the argument that LeBron is a sore winner.

Meanwhile, yes: The Lakers did stomp the Cavs by 100. No, really: 55. But it felt like 100. Wow.

Michigan hires Brady Hoke: Polarizing, but I... like it? Hoke has (re-)built two programs -- and Michigan is a rebuilding job, perhaps the biggest in the country. And he loves the program; he's wanted this job forever. He won't win big, but he will win more. Is that enough for UM fans?

Carmelo Watch: He obviously doesn't want to play for the Nets. Otherwise he would have publicly said (or leaked) he would sign an extension. So why would the Nets continue to pursue him? They'll have a guy who will be on a countdown clock from day 1. We have seen this before; that's how we were talking about LeBron the SECOND he signed his last deal with the Cavs. This is a mistake for the Nets.

Panthers hire Ron Rivera: Haven't read any analysis that doesn't like this hire. (Have you heard the rumor that Norv Turner might hire Dave Wannstedt to replace him? Ha!)

Browns hiring Pat Shurmur? That's the presumption. Fans will go "Who?" And his defenders will say "Mike Smith." (That's the Falcons coach that no one had heard of.)

Trevor Hoffman retiring: Future Hall of Famer. I can't begrudge him hanging on a bit past his sell-by date. At least he did it modestly. (Actually, Neyer says that the HOF is hardly a sure thing. OK: I'm inclined to trust his instincts.)

CFB: How soon before Cam Newton declares he's going pro? Has to happen in the next few days, and you KNOW it's going to happen. I predict he ends up going in the 1st round, like Tebow.

"Everyone loses games. Few changed them.": That's a Nike ad for Oregon. That's what having the best brand managers on the planet on your side can do -- make you look awesome, even when you lose the championship game.

CBB: Jimmer Fredette: 47 points, including this.

Plus: Big win for Michigan State in OT over Wisconsin. MSU -- my preseason pick to win the NCAA title (yeesh) -- really needed this one, if only to show they CAN win these kinds of games.

Media: Yahoo! Sports has a new online magazine launching today -- ThePostGame. Check it out. (Wow: Big week for sports media launches -- Quickish Monday, Onion's SportsDome yesterday, Yahoo's new thing today.)

BTW: SportsDome was not very good. I know the Onion folks are really smart, but it's really hard to pull off. I liked the anchor on the left; his mock-serious delivery was spot-on. The rest of it? Ehh...I didn't laugh once and cringed a few times.

More later. Please check out Quickish! (And please tell your friends, co-workers, etc. We need all the grassroots support we can get. It's going to be one new reader at a time, with friends telling friends.)

-- D.S.

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