Monday, January 10, 2011


I am thrilled to announce the launch of

Quickish offers real-time news recommendations -- "tips" -- to help you keep up with the biggest things that are happening.

Initially, Quickish will be focused on sports (I'm sure you're shocked).

All I can ask is that you try it out.

Wait: That's not true. I can also ask you to "like" the Facebook page ( and I can also ask you to tell everyone about it -- friends, co-workers, randoms on the street. That would really mean a lot to me. This isn't launching a column on a huge platform with millions of built-in readers; this is building something people love, one fan at a time.

I wouldn't have launched the company if I didn't think that there was a huge value in quick-hit real-time editor-vetted analysis and context about the big topics we're all talking about, updated constantly and around the clock.

As I said a few months ago, if you liked the Daily Quickie, I think you're going to love Quickish.

I also want and need your help. The site has editors, but is powered by tips from readers -- if you find a piece of awesome analysis (and it could come from anywhere from sports news sites to Twitter to Facebook to message boards to TV to talk-radio to use-your-imagination), send it to tips[at]quickish[dot]com, and if you're the first to send it to us and we use it, you get the credit, right next to the content. I know folks here can deliver on that.

If you're looking for the usual morning "Quickie" post, you can now find it at Quickish. I'll post the link as soon as it's ready, and I will have a permanent URL you can bookmark to get the latest.

One last request: Please feel encouraged to send me your feedback about the site. What you like, what you don't, what you want or need but don't see. Just shoot me a note to dan[at]quickish. The feedback is the best part, and I especially want it from readers here.

Thanks again. It's a big swing -- and going to be even more fun. Keep up.

-- D.S.


David Kazzie said...

Good luck, Dan. I poked around some this morning. it looks very cool.

McNater said...

Congrats on the launch Dan. Been following you for years, and while the Florida love gets a little old, I've stuck with you and have enjoyed reading your stuff. Good luck with the new endeavor.

Jim said...

Are you going to create a new RSS feed for the daily Quickie? I'm sure you want to drive traffic to, but I'm far more likely to read it in Google Reader along with other content I consume each day.

Young HF29 said...

Quickish looking good! (except for the lack of hockey). Great idea, good luck Dan