Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/15 (Divisional) Quickie

Sorry for the delay -- Quickish tech issues this a.m. But all good now!

The phrase that pays today is "trash-talk." The Pats and Jets went at it all week, capped last night by Bart Scott basically threatening Wes Welker with bodily harm (um, it IS football) and Nick Mangold not-so-slyly dropping "Spy" and "Gate" in a tweet. The Jets make things much more interesting than if they were sullen and quiet and lost by 30 anyway.

Meanwhile, it's kind of ludicrous that we're all talking about Pats-Jets, when there are two games today -- great games -- that will determine half of the NFL's final four. Steelers-Ravens might be the best game of the playoffs, with all of the bitter enmity but half the yakking.

By the way, Blake Griffin nearly put down a 60-foot alley-oop last night. He is turning into a one-person commercial for NBA League Pass.

NFL Draft: Nick Fairley going pro. It really doesn't matter whether he goes No. 1 overall or not. He's not going much later than Top 3, and he's going to wreak havoc wherever he ends up.

Hot Stove: Glad to see Jim Thome re-signing with the Twins. Count him among the players I'd like to see in person before he retires. (I really need to make a more formal list about that.)

Enjoy the games today -- and please drop by Quickish if you're watching the NFL games today with a laptop or iPad or phone next to you. If the BCS title game was any indication, Quickish will have the best "live" accompanying experience of anywhere online.

-- D.S.

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