Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday (Very Quickish) Quickie

Launching a new company tomorrow?
Launching a new company tomorrow.

This'll be quick -- how relevant! -- but typically superlative: That was the single-best day of Wild Card games in NFL history.

The first-ever sub-.500 NFL playoff team beat the defending Super Bowl champs -- favored by a ton -- in front of a frenzied crowd and featuring the beastmode-iest run in the history of the NFL Playoffs.

Then the mouthiest team in the NFL improbably knocked out the defending conference champ -- and a nemesis its coach had been trash-talking all week -- on a last-second field goal that totally (not to mention metaphorically) tied in to the coach's presumptive foot fetish.

What more can you ask for? (Well, aside from a week of lead-up to Pats-Jets 3.)

Yesterday was an incredible day of NFL football. Here's hoping today's even remotely comes close. (Honestly, I can't see how it can.)

OK, time to head back to Quickish prep. Where has the time gone? (That would qualify for today, the last week, the last six months...)

The site should be live and accessible by 6 a.m. -- but don't hold me to that if tech issues or whatever delay it.

I cannot wait for you to check it out. And I will keep saying this, so forgive me, but I really want your feedback. It matters a lot -- to the product and to me. (At the same time, I'm going to be asking you to help spread the word. Again, please give me a little leeway on that before you get too sick of me asking -- this is only the biggest swing of my professional life.)

Back to programming!

-- D.S.

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