Tuesday, August 30, 2011

08/30 (Vickie) Quickie

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*Happy Madden Day: I once wrote that Madden release day sits only behind the Super Bowl (and, perhaps, the first day of the NFL Draft) as the single-most popular NFL day of the year. Still believe it -- for those of you who play Madden, enjoy the day.

*Vick gets $100M deal: The most fascinating second act in NFL history gets even more interesting. If it wasn't before, it's Super Bowl championship or fail.

*Jarvaris Crittenton finally arrested: This story is only going to get more messy as we get into the trial (and, if it happens, a conviction).

*NBA eyeing a TWO-year ban before draft eligibility: As someone who hates the existing rule and wants to return to a more fair and efficient free-market system, this is terrible for the NBA.

*Texas A&M ready to leave Big 12 for SEC: It's going to be an awkward final year for them in their current conference and they may get waxed in the SEC, but it's a worthwhile move.

*Cole Hamels is back: Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee are awesome, but it is adding a potent, injury-free Hamels that takes the Phillies from "Best team in the NL" to "World Series champs."

*This season's "DWTS" athletes: Hope Solo and Ron Artest. The history of success of athletes in DWTS is dynastic. I may not be watching, but I'll be openly rooting for Ron Artest.

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-- D.S.

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