Thursday, September 01, 2011

09/01 (September!) Quickie

Love September. College football starts tonight. NFL starts a week from tonight. We decamp from NYC to DC tomorrow. (For that backstory, see the post below or click here.)

*CFB Tonight: Wisconsin starts its march to the BCS title game (maybe!)

*Texas A&M is out of the Big 12: And the rest of us have already moved on... to two questions: (1) Do Texas-Oklahoma-OK St-Texas Tech go to the Pac-12? (Almost assuredly). (2) Which team does the SEC pick up to make 14? (VA Tech).

Bonus question: Which two teams do the SEC pick up to make 16? (If they don't want to double up state representation, Maryland and UNC or NC State. But honestly, they could have Notre Dame if they wanted to; when the SEC calls, any team would listen.)

*Red Sox beat Yankees: Yawn. Call me when they're playing in the playoffs.

*Venus out at US Open: That's a shame.

*Sports x Politics: President Obama's big jobs speech next Thursday night will wrap up by 8:30, so it doesn't conflict with the NFL opener.

-- D.S.

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