Saturday, September 03, 2011

09/03 (Kickoff) Quickie

So I spent last night driving my family -- car packed, not to mention the moving vans -- from NYC to DC for our big relocation, but we rolled in just in time for the wild 4th quarter of the Baylor-TCU game, which I watched with the insanely valuable "Watch ESPN" app on my phone.

It's hard to top the simple "What a game" analysis -- it bodes well for an exciting Saturday and exciting season. I had TCU going 11-1 and finishing just outside the Top 10 in my preseason poll; I had Baylor unranked -- not for long.

Although Baylor's D was porous, its offense was electrifying -- Robert Griffin III as an early Heisman candidate? -- particularly against what everyone assumed was going to be a stout TCU defense. With time, we'll see if TCU's D has slipped that badly or if Baylor's offense is just that good.

But again, all that matters is that you don't have to be a Baylor or TCU (or even college football) fan to enjoy how things went last night.

My viewing guide today -- under the palms-together-in-prayer assumption that we can get the FIOS cable and internet going early:

*Noon: Northwestern at BC (ESPNU)
*3:30: UCLA at Houston (FSN), USF at Notre Dame (NBC)
*7: Florida Atlantic at Florida (ESPNU)
*8: LSU-Oregon (ABC), Boise State-Georgia (ESPN)

Don't ask me how I'm going to watch Florida with the 8 p.m. heavyweights -- let alone how we're all supposed to toggle between the LSU-Oregon and Boise-Georgia games. (Here's a hint: TV on one game, iPad on another, iPhone on another -- again, the "Watch ESPN" app is huge.)


*Verlander wins 21st: AL Cy locked up. MVP votes next?
*Oklahoma leaving Big 12 for Pac-12: It's an obvious move.
*Sharapova out at US Open: Tourney loses marquee star.
*US Soccer loses to Costa Rica: Klini, come on!
*Colts hire Tressel: I'm all for a 5-game ban.

Enjoy the day, everyone! I'm off to get a "301" area-code tattoo on my chest*, just like Kevin Durant.

-- D.S.

* - Not really, but it's there in spirit.

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