Sunday, October 16, 2011

10/16 (Sunday) Quickie

*Last night, I was so miffed by Florida's performance against Auburn that I wrote a 2,000-word post all about it. I'm not going to publish it, but it was nominally cathartic. The gist was that in 11 years as a Florida fan, last night was the least enjoyable game I have watched, and I mostly blame that on offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. You don't want to read the rest.

*CFB: Apparently, Oklahoma is going to be No. 1 when the first BCS rankings come out tomorrow. Unclear how Oklahoma jumped Alabama and LSU from last week's projections, given that Oklahoma beat a terrible Kansas team and Alabama and LSU beat comparatively better SEC teams. But no matter: Does anyone really think that if/when Oklahoma plays the Alabama/LSU winner, the SEC champ won't throttle the Sooners?

*MLB: Congrats to Rangers fans on a second straight AL pennant and second straight trip to the World Series. Texas will be favored over either the Brewers or Cardinals. Manager Ron Washington might produce head-scratching moments and the starting pitching might be impressively "just OK," but there's no denying the combination of the power of the lineup and the power of the bullpen.

*NFL: All I know is that the six hours I spend in front of the Red Zone Channel every Sunday afternoon has redefined my relationship with pro football. I don't even care who is playing, because the whole experience is just so awesome.

Enjoy the day, everyone.

-- D.S.

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