Thursday, October 20, 2011

10/20 (La Russa) Quickie

So the dominant storyline this morning is that Tony La Russa's managing moves were on full display last night in the Cards' taut Game 1 win over the Rangers. (The flip side, of course, is that La Russa didn't simply do clever things, but he out-managed Ron Washington.)

To the extent that the MLB manager has substantial power over a game's result -- and, at the margins, they most certainly do -- La Russa has put on a clinic this month. When he goes into the Hall of Fame, this will be his defining display.

Theo to the Cubs is nearly done: And he's apparently taking Quickie favorite Jed Hoyer with him.

LSU going to be missing Mathieu and Ware on Saturday: If this was the Alabama game, LSU would be screwed. Against largely hapless Auburn, they'll be fine.

CBB Coaches' Top 25: UNC is No. 1, obviously. Most notable for me: Belmont -- widely considered a Cinderella favorite in the Butler mold -- didn't get a single vote for any coach, not even for the No. 25 pity slot.

Tebow mania: Whether you like it or not (and I'd argue you should like it), it is going to be THE storyline on Sunday. Really good piece on Tebow from the cover of ESPN Mag. (And I'm pretty critical of most Tebow coverage; Keown really did a good job here.)

- D.S.

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