Thursday, October 20, 2011

10/21 (Weekend Watch) Quickie

First, a happy 10th anniversary to PTI, the best show in the history of sports television.

Rangers tie up World Series: After a day of glowing reviews for Tony La Russa's managerial prowess, it was only natural that he out-think himself into blowing the 9th-inning lead for the Cards.

NBA: The mediation between the players and owners imploded. It's not that I think the season will be cancelled; I do think that it's unlikely it will get started until January 2012. You're totally allowed to ignore the moment-to-moment coverage until there is a resolution.

CFB Preview: The Game of the Week is Wisconsin at Michigan State. I predict the Badgers win by 30. Can we please insert them into the discussion with Oklahoma as the Best Team Not Alabama-LSU Winner?

*Other games of note: Auburn at LSU, with LSU missing the Honey Badger and their killer of an RB, Ware. If Auburn didn't look so horrible last week beating Florida, I might give Auburn a chance here. But it won't be close.

*Upset Special: Well, Clemson is due for their mid-season implosion, aren't they? (Last week was just foreshadowing.) I'd love to have the guts to pick Washington over Stanford, but I'm firmly on the Luck bandwagon. Kansas State losing at Kansas would be hilarious.

My Favorite NFL Storylines:
*Tebow: Tebow, Tebow, Tebow. You know you're following it.
*Carson Palmer in Oakland: Good thing the Chiefs are terrible.
*Must-Win for... Atlanta in Detroit? Jets at home vs. Chargers?
*Laughable mismatch: Packers at Vikings
*Cam Newton Watch: Home vs. Redskins
*Suck for Luck Update: Easy loss for the Colts at N.O. And the biggest reason I think Tebow will have a great game vs. Miami is that the Dolphins are in full-on tank mode, especially against a team that would potentially be a "Suck for Luck" contender with a loss in Miami.

Business: The NFL is launching a VC fund. I got up to stretch my legs a bit with a brief analysis about it for Check it out here.

Have a great weekend. Great stuff all day today (and all weekend long) at Quickish.

-- D.S.

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bob jones said...

Dude, why do you hate Clemson so much? You are like some folks who never give credit where credit is due, even if the evidence is staring right in their faces.