Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11/16 (K) Quickie

*903 for Coach K: Best men's college basketball coach of all time. (And I say that as someone who is a Duke-hater.)

*Kentucky is going to be good: Then again, Calipari-era Kentucky always has the talent to be elite -- the real question is: Can they win the national title? Calipari's system is brilliant, but only to the extent that it ensures he always has the talent to be "Final Four" good. Betting they'll fall short when it matters most in April.

*Side note: I must have been reading too many tweets last night about Anthony Davis' unibrow, because last night I actually had a dream that during halftime, he had the middle plucked or waxed. I found myself feeling disappointed about that.

*Penn State update: Unclear why Mike McQueary didn't say all this stuff from the leaked email a week ago. Meanwhile, watch Jon Stewart's take on the Costas/Sandusky interview. It kind of sums up what we all were thinking.

*MLB Awards: Justin Verlander wins AL MVP Cy. One of the most dominating seasons by a starting pitcher in recent memory. I said this midseason: He is on my short list of players I'd really like to see in person.

*John Fox can mock Tim Tebow all he wants (and he kinda did, all while basking in largely undeserved credit for finally letting his coordinators create an offense that plays to Tebow's strengths and masks his weaknesses), but Broncos-Jets tomorrow night is going to get everyone's attention -- it's going to be the highest-rated Thursday night game ever.

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-- D.S.

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