Friday, November 18, 2011

11/18 (Tebow) Quickie

There's no need for Tebow triumphalism this morning.

Fans and haters alike can agree that the game-winning 95-yard drive he engineered in the final few minutes -- against a playoff-quality Jets D -- was pretty impressive.

Fans and haters alike can agree that the first 55 minutes of the game were pretty ugly. Partly that was Tebow, partly the Broncos' play-calling, partly the Jets' D. (FWIW: Most non-Brady QBs struggle against the Jets.)

Fans and haters alike can agree that Tebow makes the game exciting. He makes it fun. Part of the charm is that whichever side you are on, you can find something in last night.

You can poke holes in his 4-1 record this season, absolutely, but it's really hard to ignore the "4-1" part. (Let's also credit a very good Broncos D, led by jaw-droppingly good rookie Von Miller.)

I'm an unabashed Tebow fan. But this morning, even the haters have to begrudgingly admit that final drive was as stunning as it was fun (even if they lament the torrent of Tebow coverage today).

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*Kershaw wins NL Cy: Some good news for otherwise depressed Dodgers fans.
*Cubs hire Dale Sveum: The proof is in the playoff appearances.
*CFB This Weekend: Game Day in Houston? In an otherwise weak week, I like it.
*I'm not a NASCAR fan, but I'm in for a finale that sets up as a one-on-one battle for the title.

-- D.S.

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