Saturday, November 19, 2011

11/19 (Iowa State) Quickie

Last night is why I love college football.

I love that expectations -- OK State beating Iowa State was taken as a GIVEN -- can be so obliterated.

I love that an underdog can earn its greatest football win ever, coming back from a deep hole, no less.

I love that it was in front of the home fans, because the rush-the-field after a huge win like that is the best optics in college football. I love that it was on ESPN and was the "only game in town."

And that's all before the mess the BCS has turned into.

But before we dig into the relative merits of 1-loss Alabama verus 1-loss Oregon (I think 1-loss Oklahoma is sunk, even if they beat Oklahoma State), let last night be a reminder:

One of the greatest things about college football is the penchant for the unexpected.

Do I think that LSU will roll over Mississippi, then Arkansas, then Georgia? Yes, but the point is that you never know and that you are crazy to make assumptions about how things will play out. (The only thing we know is that LSU alone controls its own destiny, all the way to a title.)

I remain steadfastly against The Rematch -- either LSU vs. Alabama or LSU vs. Oregon. But at this rate (again: at this rate! I don't even pay attention to my own lessons), that's what we're getting.

*Condolences to the Oklahoma State community.
*Here's to a full recovery and long life for Joe Paterno.
*Jim Boeheim is putting all his chips on his guy.
*CFB Today: After last night, do I really need to pick an Upset Special?

-- D.S.

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