Thursday, November 17, 2011

11/17 (Message Board) Quickie

The new New York Times report on Penn State is must-read. Here it is. Among the key details: Second Mile files are missing. (Go figure.) The Penn State lawyers never knew. (WTF?)

And this, which is the focus of the headline and the lead of the story, but largely ignored beyond that: It was a message board posting that helped investigators crack the case by leading them to McQueary for his statement of what he saw in 2002.

Consider that for a second: You're a die-hard Penn State fan hanging out on -- say -- the "Fight On State" message boards, as you constantly do.

One day, some guy is seemingly trolling the boards by talking about a coach who saw Sandusky raping a kid in the locker room.

The next day, that "troll" is the de facto hero of the case -- the truth-teller whose message-board raving turns out to be THE detail that cracks the case, because investigators took it more seriously than the denizens of the message board, who almost assuredly wanted nothing to do with it.

It is kind of a stunning twist. I wrote about it for Quickish. Check it out here.


*Tebow vs. the Jets tonight: It's going to be the most-watched NFL Network game of all time. That's not saying much, but it sure feels must-see, even if you don't like Tebow or the Jets.

*College Hoops: Undoubtedly, I'm filing away Long Beach State's win at Pitt for next March, where I will refer to it in a way that convinces me to take LBS out of the first round. It's nice to know that my bracket is already on the way to being busted.

*MLB Awards: Hard to argue with Maddon (my favorite MLB manager) and Gibson. NL Cy today -- Kershaw? Hard to argue, but Roy Halladay certainly deserves some consideration.

-- D.S.

For some good context on college football message boards, check out this column by Bryan Curtis from the NYT's old sports magazine Play.

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