Friday, September 15, 2006

Enjoy Your Weekend!

Huge thanks for everyone for your attention and enthusiasm this week. Let's review my Top 10 favorite sports newsmakers of the week:

10. John Hodgman: Intellivision Guru
9. "MNF": ESPN's biggest hit ever
8. Papi vs. DJ: How about "Neither for MVP"
7. "Are you retarded?": TJ calls out Irvin
6. Atlanta Braves: Best streak ever...over?
5. Rich Rodriguez: Coach of the Year at WVA?
4. Francisco Liriano: The agony of the arm
3. Bill Simmons: Does the dance with Colbert
2. Emmitt Smith: Dancing with the HOF'er
1. Reggie Bush: Heisman His Heisman

Comments: What was YOUR most significant story of the week (and why)?

Enjoy your weekend, and don't forget: We'll be doing live-blogging live-commenting on both Saturday (CFB) and Sunday (NFL), so feel free to drop by, see what fans are saying and chime in yourself.

-- D.S.


LaziestMovieCriticofAllTime said...

I think an under the radar thing this week was how much better the "B team" was announcing the SD-OAK Monday Night Game.

As much as I like Kornheiser, the second game was much more enjoyable to listen to.

TJ said...

I'm still kinda hung on ESPN's decision that coporate synergy is more important than taking Gameday to the biggest game of the week. It's of course their right take the show wherever they want, but when they try to convince you they chose USC-Nebraska over LSU-Auburn for legitimate sport-related reasons AND tout that game on the front page of over all the other great games on Saturday, well, I just wish it were more about the actual sports.

MJL said...

The biggest sports story this week -- in my life, at least -- is the question mark surrounding the health of Clinton Portis. Will he practice? Will he show up in a new costume? Will he start against the Cowboys?

There are even fans suggesting that he is butting heads with Gibbs and becoming a cancer in the locker room.

First the loss to Minnesota and now this?! Man, being a Skins fan is brutal.

Jingoist said...

I think the Deion Branch trade was big, but not because of the actual player traded. I think the deal wreaks of all that's wrong with the NFL CBA... non-guaranteed contracts. I could argue this point from both sides, but what it exposes is the simple fact that the players are exploited when they come out of college if they are not a 1st round pick, but it also shows the hamstringing players later apply to their team when they perform above their contract. Neither side is right. Neither side is wrong. They're just children of their own ill-devised system.

rob (warwick)

The heroin sheik said...

For me the biggest story was the braves ending their streak. When I was younger I would go fishing with my grandpa. Just us a couple of bamboo poles and the braves game on the radio. Even after he died I still could talk baseball with my grandma. HE never got to see the braves win as he died in 88. MY grandma passed away last yr and im just glad that the braves won the day she died. I still remember calling her on the phone as soon as sid bream rounded third. Braves games will never be the same.

Christian Thoma said...

I'm going to go with Kevin Harvick winning both Richmond races last weekend and gaining the pole for the first race of the chase. All the momentum is with 29 as he looks to become the first driver to win the Busch and Winston/Nextel Cups in the same season.

Christian (High Point, NC)

Perks said...

Biggest story was Shanoff's comments section to "Best Sports Moment".

That was just too much fun to read and contribute to.

Next week everyone is going to be talking about Brady Quinn as the Heisman (sorry Dan).

The heroin sheik said...

PAul is right about the champions league. on a worldwide level it was probably the biggest story of the week especially after barcelona layed out a 5 -0 beatdown. This is arsenals year though even if they wont do shit in the domestic league.

Perks said...

saw the helmet backwards... does that mean I should take Nebraska now to win tonight??

Glad I put money on Iowa State (took the 14 pts too), I see them winning this game. The stadium isn't full, and it's an ACTUAL early game there. Go Cyclones!

iamunstoppable said...

im just glad that someone else noticed the GREAT signs in the crowd at USC.. the Gameday cameras had the massive "shocker" sign on there for quite a while. that made my day.

Christian Thoma said...

Where the heck is the f@#@!@ CFB post?!

Duke just blocked VT's extra point, which will probably be the highlight of the game (season?) for the Blue Devils.