Friday, September 15, 2006

NFL Week 2 Preview: Picks, Etc.

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NFL WEEK 2! Let's just get right to it, coming off of last week's "what-curse?" start (jinx alert!):

Falcons over Bucs: It's only Week 2 and we're already talking about Cadillac Williams being hurt?

Bears over Lions: It's not just Chicago's home opener; anyone want to bet against a second straight shutout?

Bengals over Browns: As it turns out, you picked the wrong "Johnson" with that Top 3 fantasy draft pick. Shoulda gone with Rudi, yo.

Saints over Packers: Because it can't get much worse for Green Bay than a second straight loss at home... to a team that barely has one.

Colts over Texans: Peyton is back on the dome turf, and not even Samkon Gado will be able to stop him.

Dolphins over Bills: Just don't expect Nick Saban to fuck up the replay-flag toss again this week.

Vikings over Panthers: And Minnesota continues to play out the early-season storyline of the year -- the "righting of the ship."

Eagles over Giants: I'm betting Donovan McNabb watched all that fawning coverage of Eli Manning last week and said, "We'll see, bitches..."

Ravens over Raiders: Can it get more "embarrassing" for Oakland than Monday night's shutout? Why yes it can!

49ers over Rams: Last week was no fluke – the Niners are improved; meanwhile, will the Rams get scoring from anyone but the kicker?

Cards over Seahawks: Deion Branch is instantly Seattle's best WR; he wouldn't be the SECOND-best WR for Arizona. Fast track favors Cards.

Broncos over Chiefs: How good would Jay Cutler look in a Chiefs uniform right now? Damon Huard + Herm Edwards' weak offense = Another KC loss.

Pats over Jets: "Master vs. Protege" is a better storyline than "Manning vs. Manning." Think the Genius taught his ward ALL his tricks?

Chargers over Titans: Maybe after Tennessee falls to 0-2, they'll start Vince Young. Of course, Rivers is the new poster boy for patience.

Redskins over Cowboys: And when it's over, there will be a full-on QB contro in Big D, led by T.O., who can't resist the primetime platform.

Jags over Steelers: On Monday night, Big Ben is KO'ed by the nasty Jags D and Leftwich wins over more fans leading JAX to a h-u-g-e win.

(Season: 12-4)

Comments Question: What's the most intriguing NFL storyline of the week (and why)?

-- D.S.

Update (2:23 p.m.): Check back on Sunday for an all-day Comment tailgate on all things NFL. I'll set up a post before the games start, then leave the comments open all day for you to have your say about the games. You can talk before, during, after, whatever. It'll be a big experiment. (And I'm doing the same thing for CFB tomorrow, as long as you're just sitting in front of the TV doing nothing but watch games.)


Nick Lee said...

The "righting of the ship" carries a lot of weight. Childress is doing something right and if Minny stands the first three weeks it'll be something to take notice of.

Unknown said...

I like it Dan. How many games has Big Ben been KO'd in? Steelers line isn't exactly a pushover.
The pride of Miami University will again do what great QBs do...just win.

Oh...luckily for me, I have both Rudi AND Chad Johnson on my team. Unfortunately, McNair is my current starter.

Badass Of The Year said...

I got Rudi, yo. Lovin him.

I pick Miami over Buffalo too, but just barely. The Bills defense is gonna have a great year.

And thanks for picking against my Cowboys in primetime.

Charlie (Seattle) said...

No way the Cards beat the Seahawks IN Seattle. Alexander will have 120 yds and 2 TDs like he always does at home. I'll be at the game, and since I'm a lifetime Raiders fan, I'll be rooting for the Cards.

On a side note, the Raiders are terrible this year. I think there is a chance that they could go winless this year. They only have 2 chances, and that's Oct 1 vs. Cleveland, and Dec 3 vs. Houston.

It's a sad sad time to be a Raiders fan.

Jingoist said...

Dan, what's the over/under on:
(my predictions in parens)
1. Time into the game before T.O. has his first "in-your-face" exchange with Bledsoe? (11:58)
2. Quarters until Favre gets booed at home? (3)
3. Pass attempts before Blake throws a backwards pass that the Ravens take back for a TD? (11)
4. Touches before LT racks up 150 all-purpose yards? (7)

rob (warwick)

paul said...

We could argue about picks all day... whats the point??/

For me... the story line of the week is the Panthers game... look at it like this..

If the falcons beat the bucs and Carolina looses AGAIN... ATL is in the drivers seat.

John Fox is known in a lot of circles as the best coach in the NFL.. a beat up offensive line and no/ a limited Steve Smith will test that

Saints = sleeper?

nicemlt said...

umm...jeff blake isn't in the league anymore. aaron brooks is the qb for the raiders. (and threw the backwards pass..thanks youtube)

my question is how about all the humble pie being served across the south. all preseason it way "yada yada yada, caroline NFC champs. blah blah bucs as the wild card. falcons can't keep up."

it's week TWO and now the falcons are dominant and are going to beat the bucs (after demolishing the cats). a 2 game lead in the division sure seems to be a good way to start (not that we can't still fade down the stretch like last year).

vick is NEVER going to be a 60% passer. and it doesn't matter. seriously. if he became a 60% passer he'd be the most. lethal. qb. EVER. we'd be talking about a guy, then, capable of throwing for 3000-3500 yards 25-30 tds, rushing for 700-1000 yards and 5-10 tds.

let's take a 70% career winning percentage who makes other teams go crazy in preparation (the panthers said they had 2 extra meetings PER DAY for Vick) and move on.

you can have stats (and bonds). I'll take W's.

Roge said...

This might be an odd comment, but here goes. I know that when you were writing for ESPN you were obviously censored both with content and with language. However, it is odd to read such a great writing dropping f-bombs as adjectives. You are a fantastic writer, can't you think of something more intelligent to say than "Just don't expect Nick Saban to fuck up the replay-flag toss again this week".

Am I the only one who feels like this? It just isn't professional (and yes I do know this is a blog). But Shanoff is a pro, I guess I just expected different.

Brien said...

Am I the only one who feels like this? It just isn't professional (and yes I do know this is a blog). But Shanoff is a pro, I guess I just expected different.


I kinda felt that way the first time he dropped the f-bomb.

But, you know what? That's what I'd bet Dolphins fans were *thinking* the other night. So, I'm OK with it when it's done in the "hey, I'm thinkin' the same things you guys are" vein.

I'd *love* to hear it on a national broadcast ...

"Favre ... back to pass ... down the middle ... FUCK!!! ... intercepted again! What the fuck was he looking at?? Another pick, and the Packers lose again!"

But simply dropping it, just to seem "edgy" or "hip" ... nah ... leave edgy and hip to the young'uns.

El Padrino said...

you gotta include spreads with these picks boss.

sons of kc

Sheldiz said...

it's a personal blog not associated with any media outlet, government agency, or, as far as i know, tipper gore.... dan is under no obligation to censor himself if he feels an f-bomb necessary.

i like a good f-bomb.

Bryan said...

no, i don't have a fucking problem with it

Bryan said...

And no way the Vikings take the Panthers, Vindication!!!!!!!

Sheldiz said...

oh right, the reason i was posting in the first place. Ravens/Raiders... its games like this that make me nervous. for all intents and purposes it should be a cake walk... but, this could have disaster written all over it. i'm going to say we (the ravens) will still pull it out, but it will be a humbling, "come back in the 4th quarter to win it and remind us that before last week no one thought we'd make the playoffs", kind of game.

but of course i'm *hoping* for a repeat of the buccs game. woot.

Barry "The Hatchet" Banks said...

Longtime Quickie fan, extremely lazy Blogger registerer. 1st time post.
Dan, I'm a big fan and also a freelance editor. On the 27th line of text you have a typo "Cards over Seahawks".
Just thought I'd pitch in and help.

Dan Shanoff said...

Jeff --

Your point is well-taken on the F-bomb. I'd like to use them judiciously -- like in the way where there's nothing to say BUT "F!!!"

But I certainly understand your point: There are more clever ways to make comments than to flat-out curse.

But a well-placed curse can be VERY effective. It's just a question of picking my spots.

I'm glad you pointed it out.

-- Dan

Mark (Austin, TX) said...

I think the story of the week could be the Ravens, who stand a good chance of being 2-0, Combine that with future dates with the Steelers and Bengals and you could be looking at the AFC north as the best division in football. If that materializes, it will definitly replace the NFC South, though if the Falcons hang around it could be two "best" divisions.

As for the f-bomb, I'm not a huge fan of it, but it does have a place. I am sure most everyone of us has sat there and said, "What the F*** was he/she thinking/doing" during the course of a game. Cussing may not be polite in social circles and such stuff, but in sports, they are just about a guarantee. I think I'm ok with the occasional one, but they start showing up in every post I may have issue, maybe, in a small way.

Roge said...

I feel so special... I was given a direct reply from the Quickie master himself! DS, of course there are perfect times for it, I was just struck by the use of the f-bomb in the instance with Saban.

Anyway, you da man Shanoff. I'm so glad you are continuing to write here. Was bummed when the Quickie died.

Unknown said...

The Eagles very well may beat the Giants, but I'll be more conviced Philly isn't the weak sister of the NFC East when they play someone besides Texas A&M.

Zach said...

Dan, two things: First, Deion Branch is a good player, but he's not instantly the Seahawks' best receiver...that's still Darrell Jackson, one of the most underrated players in the NFL. He's got three 1000 yard seasons, Branch has none. Branch's career high in TDs was five, last year, Jackson's had seasons of 9, 8, 7, and 6 TDs. Hell, he caught 3 TD passes in six games last year, only two fewer than Branch had in all 16.

Plus, I'm not sure exactly how Qwest Field is a "fast track." Usually, that refers to domes, and Seattle hasn't played indoors since 2001.