Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday A.M. Quickie:
Who DOESN'T Like Tony Romo?

An interesting week in the NFL was capped last night by the most unlikely starring performance:

Tony Romo leading the suddenly surging Cowboys to 35 straight points in a 35-14 primetime win over the suddenly sucking Panthers.

It's not crazy to use "explosive" as an adjective for the Cowboys offense (and not mean "like T.O.'s diarrhea of the mouth"). Drew Bledsoe has seen this movie before; it doesn't end well for him.

Here's my complete NFL Week 8 breakdown.

NFL Week 8 Awards:
NFL Player of Week 8: Michael Vick
NFL Tandem of Week 8: Manning/Wayne
NFL Rookie of Week 8: Marques Colston
NFL Backup of Week 8: Sage Rosenfels
FFL Player of Week 8: Larry Johnson

More from today:

BCS Rankings Update: Though I remain convinced that there will be a lot of pressure to create a BCS title game that pairs the winner of Ohio St-Michigan with... the loser of Ohio St-Michigan, I think if WVA runs the table by beating Louisville and Rutgers, they'll have the formula points to edge out a 1-loss OSU-Mich loser or a 1-loss Florida.

Reggie Bush injured: I'm not unsympathetic to his injury, but I stand by my analysis from yesterday. As a No. 2 overall pick, he's been more dud than stud and certainly hasn't lived up to the hype. But it all worked out for the Saints: Who else has Colston Fever!

Bye week for Cards: Bye-bye week for Dennis Green?

Rudi Johnson is pissed he only got 12 carries. I don't blame him.

David Carr gets benched: If the Texans knew their best offense would consist of backup QB Sage Rosenfels and 6th-round RB draft pick Wali Lundy, do you think they would have taken Reggie Bush?

World Series TV ratings: Worst Ever. More on that later today.

MLB players file for free agency: Those top pitchers are the most important names, but Barry Bonds' situation is by far the most intriguing. If I was the Angels or Dodgers, I'd sprint to sign him.

Red Auerbach funeral today: There are a ton of obituary analyses of Auerbach around the mainstream media. I've got my own contribution. More on that later today, too.

Knicks to waive Jalen Rose: Don't cry for him; they're going to buy out the rest of his contract.

Florida QB Chris Leak played the second half of the Gators' win over Georiga with a concussion: He was wrong to not tell his coaches about it, and it obviously affected his play. Think the "Tebow Effect" had anything to do with his decision-making? I do.

Rutgers wins! Ugly, pretty, it doesn't matter. The dream lives on another week.

We are truly living in a glorious era when the phrase "Florida State QB controversy" really doesn't mean squat.

-- D.S.


WuzUpG said...

Where's the Malkin post?

He's scored 5 goals in his first 5 games. This hasn't been done since the 92-93 season.

Going for 6 on Wednesday against the LA Kings.

Joe Thorton scores his first goal of the season.

Go Sharks!

Unsilent Majority said...

Sage for MVP!

Fuck Auburn. The Gators will win it all after beating those bastards in Atlanta.

Bobby Bowden should probably start drinkin the hemlock.

TJ said...

Only I read today (in the student paper, so you never know) that it wasn't a concussion--it was a headache. Or so say the doctors. You can read it here, buried at the end:

Christian Thoma said...

National Championship Game: Scarlet and Gray versus the Scarlet Knights.

Is anyone else terrified about the apocalyptic ramifications of both Rutgers and Wake Forest making BCS bowls (both teams "control their destiny")

If Louisville beats West Virginia, do you think those 2 voters will vote for Louisville instead of Ohio State?

Brave Sir Robin said...

Personally, I'd rather not see a OSU-Michigan rematch in the national title game. I say this as a OSU fan (though watch me change my tune if OSU loses).

Here's why. OSU and Michigan will be ranked 1 and 2 in basically the last week of the season. If that's not a national title game, I don't know what is. Sure, you may want to throw a bowl game in there, but is it really that necessary? Whomever the two of them play is getting wailed on. Let's spread the can of whoop ass around shall we?

I'd rather see the two of them play someone new in the bowl games. Part of the fun of the bowls is that two teams that normally wouldn't play can play against each other. My top two choices, built on personal animosity towards the schools, would be USC and Notre Dame. I'd love to see OSU ream those two schools.

Matt T said...

Why should there be a rematch of OSU/Michigan if one team has already beaten the other? It makes no sense at all.

I'd love to see an undefeated WVU or UL against the winner of OSU/Michigan. Those two teams will have earned it. If not, look for the winner of the SEC if they have 1 loss to slide in.

It won't be Florida, not with Chris "Arod" Leak and his headache behind center.

Gary said...

A few of things here

1) I am a UConn Alum and found myself quietly rooting for Rutgers to keep the undefeated season as long my Huskies didn't get embarassed (which they didn't)
a) Miss a FG
b) Fumble for RU touchdown
c) Blocked punt for RU touchdown
I'd say UConn exposed a formula to beat the Scarlet Knights

2) Can we stop with the "pick-6" nonsense? I don't know who started it, but kudos to them, because it was original and funny at first, not its hackyened and upsets me at the laziness that writers/commentators have in using other peoples sayings.

3) There is no way Steve McNair will win MVP. NONE. I doubt he'll even get a few votes. He's not even in the top two quarterbacks in his division. There are at least 15 QBs I can think of off the top of my head better than McNair. I won't name them, but if you want, I will.

Christian Thoma said...

Why should there be a rematch of OSU/Michigan if one team has already beaten the other? It makes no sense at all.

The theory is that even with 1 loss, the loser of the OSU-Michigan game is a better team than any of the other 1 loss teams. Therefore, since the national championship is set up to have the top two teams play each other, it would make sense for a rematch if they are indeed the top 2 teams.

The interesting thing is that there are games with championship ramifications for three weeks after OSU-Mich. It's possible that BCS OSU-Michigan will happen because of how the other contenders finish their season. IIRC, that's what happened recently with the BCS rematch.

Christian Thoma said...

Oh, and to answer Dan's post:
Who DOESN'T Like Tony Romo?

Two answers:
1) Panthers fans
2) Drew Bledsoe

Brave Sir Robin said...

I'm pretty sure God also hates Romo because He hates the Cowboys.

Christian Thoma said...

Maybe God likes Romo because He knows that Romo'll eventually cost the Cowboys a playoff spot?

Unknown said...


Do you think that when Drew Bledsoe invites his mother over for Christmas he wonders if his Mom will suddenly say, sorry, I have to go over to Tom Brady's house. Now it might be Romo's house.

Bledsoe can be good at times with protection but obviously not top tier.

How does Michael Vick have a higher QB rating than Manning this week? Manning threw more passes, completed a higher percentage and for more total yards. Both had 3TDs and 0 INTs. Is average per pass weighted so heavily? Silly formula.

Christian Thoma said...

@ndyanksfan05: You're talking apples and oranges. Rutgers' schedule up to this point has nothing to do with National Championship aspirations; it's their remaining schedule that's key. If they beat WVU and Louisville, they'll have beaten two teams that were in the National Championship discussion. If they don't, well, then they'll play in a lesser bowl. It's pretty black and white for Rutgers.

Also, I think it's funny you're comparing Rutgers to Notre Dame. Rutgers beat Navy 41-0. Notre Dame won 38-14.

Finally, Rutgers has beaten three teams with a winning record, the same as Notre Dame. I think the real question is: why is Notre Dame ranked ahead of Rutgers?

Brian in Oxford said...

The real question is, how far will the OSU-Mich loser drop? Because the BCS formula is pretty poll-heavy. And remember that a team's BCS number comes by averaging those poll, #1 gets a 1.000, #2 gets a .960, #3 gets a .920 and on down to #25 gets a .040.

So each spot you drop in the polls costs you .040 in that facet of the average.

If the game's as classic as we're hoping, they *should* stay #1 and #2 (although they could swap spots, sure...). And in that case, the Big East undefeated would end up with a glass ceiling of .920. They'd need a higher computer average to get their overall points to skew toward them.

I can't wait for Charlie Weis to complain when ND is not leapfrogged over the loser of the OSU-Mich game, though!

Gary said...

UConn isn't as bad as most people think...they are young and inconsistent.

They did beat Indiana on the road, Indiana beat Iowa and Michigan St.

UConn was able to hold Steve Slaton to 15 rushing yards in the first half until WVU made a couple of big passing plays and they had to respect the pass and Slaton racked up second half yards. UConn outplayed Wake Forest and lost because of an INT return for a TD. THey out gained the Deacons like 3-to-1 that game.

UConn isn't good, but they aren't terrible. One could argue that UCLA is only one small step above UConn.

Anyway, UCLA is 4-4 and has only beaten Rice, Utah, Arizona and Stanford and UConn is 3-5 and has beaten crappy teams also (URI and Army) at least UConn has beaten a bowl team in Indiana (who thought we'd be saying that!)

Just don't dis my Huskies, and I hate Notre Dame, so I'll go all out to make them seem worse than they are

FreKy J said...

Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend! Week 9 Ladder Rankings have been posted. Go check them out!

FreKy J said...

Wouldn't it be just cause for a split National Championship if Ohio State/Michigan split the two games they're going to play?

Christian Thoma said...

I agree with Ludakris. Of course, I agree with anything that keeps Jenn Sterger front and center.

Monkeesfan said...

Everyone wants to annoint Tony Romo as the next superstar quarterback and bash Drew Bledsoe as a failure. Romo surprised a lot of people in the 35-14 thrashing of the Panthers and he showed something we hadn't seen out of him before. But let's keep in mind, he's been a four-year backup for a reason, and we saw it throughout the preseason - he could show brilliance, but then he'd regress into ineptitude, sloppy throwing (his sidearm style of throwing won't get him anywhere in the long term), and picks. Romo clearly has something, and I totally underestimated him before this game, but we need to stop ripping Bledsoe because of all the quarterbacks Bill Parcells has had since he signed with the Patriots in 1993, Bledsoe was the only one who could win anything for Parcells - Quincy Carter couldn't, Tom Tupa couldn't, Rick Mirer, Vinny Testeverde, Ray Lucas - all ultimately flopped for Parcells.

Romo showed something against the Panthers, but he needs to keep that pace up for the rest of the year to truly earn all the hype.

kirby077 said...

Re: I'm pretty sure God also hates Romo because He hates the Cowboys.

Remember the saying 'Why does Texas Stadium have an opening on the top of the stadium?.....So God can watch the Cowboys Play!

How 'bout them Cowboys!!!

Christian Thoma said...


Fixed your typo. Your post should've read:

Remember the saying 'Why does Texas Stadium have an opening on the top of the stadium?.....So God can watch the Cowboys Lose!'

marcomarco said...

Re: Where's the Malkin post?

Maybe you didn't get the memo, no one gives a flying poo about the nhl

Mikepcfl said...

Reggie Bush found out what real life in the NFL is like. Supposedly, he tried to cheap shot a Ravens' linebacker on an interception return and they got pissed off after that. Those are guys you dont want mad at you. They admit they hit Bush harder after that. Reggie even took a dive once to avoid Ray Lewis. Then Scott admits he gave him an extra twist on the play Bush sprained his ankle. Lesson to rookie: be careful who you piss off in this league!

Christian Thoma said...

Simmons got an article up on Red: Link.

rukrusher said...

Does the loser of the LSU/Tenn game drop below RU in the polls next week?

john (east lansing, mi) said...

Richard -

I'm glad to see some respect for Mike Hart; in this Manninghamless stage of the season, he is carrying Blue through these games. I'd love to see him win the JWH, but I don't know if it can happen, since Michigan at full strength has so many contributors.
Thing about Michigan is, the defense is just so good when they need to be; I wish we could just give the whole D line a trophy. Barring that, somebody who should at least get some kudos every once in a while is LaMarr Woodley. He's been a powerful force on D in all of Michigan's big wins, and if he can do to Troy Smith what he did to another Heisman candidate (Prescott Burgess and a cast of several deserve props too), he totally deserves some mentions as an outstanding player. He's 3rd in sacks in Div I-A & AA, and 2nd among players not playing for Western Michigan (I'm thinking the schedule strength should matter here); also, T-4th in fumbles forced, with similar leaders in that category.
That's just my little pitch for some love going to the leader of that fantastic Michigan defense.

Now, what I don't like is the credit you give Pat White. What the hell has he done, against whom? Let's see what he can do against (can anyone believe I'm saying this?) Rutgers before we say he's so outstanding, eh?

Personally, I'm hoping Woodley & Co. ruin Troy's little romp through the season as Heisman favorite, and Rutgers can make Pat White look like a Heisman candidate joke. If Rutgers beats Louisville and WVa, go Rice!

EPorvaznik said...

To LudaKris,

I'll take my 10 showers later for saying something positive about Bobby Bowden, but this Happy Valley faithful feels and agrees with you.

Though we're not enjoying the glory of last season this year, you nailed it with avoiding the losing attitude. After a malaise in Nittany Nation surely not felt since 1976-1980, last year was the injection of winning that the team needed...big time.

Now, I won't deny that I'm partial to FSU's current woes allowing JoePa to close the gap on getting the 1-A wins crown he deserves (see, better grad rate and record at keeping criminals off his team), but Bowden deserves the same amount of respect to retire on his terms, not the boosters'.

Off to shower #1,
eporvaznik (LA)

Anonymous said...

to the last post... i think given what he has done to FSU...

Bowden deserves to retire on HIS OWN TERMS... ala JoePa.

Sheldiz said...

ps: the marine corps marathon was yesterday. aren't you from the DC area, dan?

anyway... as a runner (and finisher, i might add....) it was gorgeous day for a marathon and a great way to support the marines serving abroad.