Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NBA Sort-of-Opening Night Live-Comment

LeBron James vs. Gilbert Arenas.
Isiah's debut as Knicks coach.
Rising Raps vs. Big Three Nets.
Darko vs. Big Ben.
And So. Much. More.

It's a full slate of NBA games tonight to really tip off the season. I'm going to post this to hopefully spark a night of comments about the various storylines, etc. Have at it!


big bri said...

Being from Boston I'm very interested to see how the Celtics handle the Red Auerbach tribute tonight. The guy is a legend. Oh yeah, and all the young guns on the Celts.

Big D said...

Haven't watched a full NBA game in nearly five years. I don't plan to start tonight, but I do plan to watch at least the intro and probably the first quarter of the Celtics/Hornets game.

First time in a long time I've made a point to be in front of a TV for an NBA game. Strange just how much Red meant to the greater Boston area.

I'm not even an NBA fan, but this year I'm going to make an effort to follow the league more - hell, I even signed up for a fantasy basketball league for the first time since 1998.

Trey (formerly TF) said...

Just to note, the Magic are destroying the Bulls (knock on wood), who destroyed the Heat.

Dwight Howard has 20 and 7 in the 1st half....look out NBA, this guy is for real.

Joe (Dayton)

MoL said...

There was just a commercial for some NBA players doing-good off the court. It featured such NBA luminaries as Luke Walton and "NBA Legend" Jimmy Johnson. 1st of all since when is he "Jimmy" and 2nd, when I think of him, the first thing I think is "NBA Legend."*

*Note: extreme sarcasm

Unknown said...

1 of my predictions seems to be coming true: Iverson is taking advantage of the refs sending guys to the line more, 30 points rite now, 11 of 12 from the line

as far as cats/pacers goes... my man SAR-JUNE-IS YAH-SICK-EV-ICK-US is rippin it up off the bench savin a terrible pacers team while adam morrison continues to battle the harsh words of dan

how bout the mysterious absence of Primoz Brezec in what the 'cats say is out for 2 weeks with dehydration/exhaustion.....huh?

and HOLY CRAP! did any one see the granger/wallace play?? granger knocked him on his back while he was trying to dunk and he was taken to the lockerroom with a back injury, no intent to injure but that was ugly

i love dwight howard

i think sports guy maybe rigt about the vince carter in a contract year thing

Caron butler is trying to make good on the predictions of all those who said this would be his breakout year

and has anyone heard of this lebron james guy? he is really going to be good one day...

Christian Thoma said...

Arenas: 0-5, 0 points, 3 fouls in the 1st half. Inauspicious start.

Christian Thoma said...

Speaking of Cats-Pacers, Okafor is on fire ... too bad they stank up the joint at the beginning of the 4th.

Unknown said...

about arenas... apparently he slept an hour and a half last night

why, you might ask???

well apparently he was standing in his hotel room dribbling for 5 hours.

he went to sleep cause caron was next door and it was keepin him up

apparently arenas says that he just couldn't wait to get on the floor

it may be hurting his game tonight... but i'll take a guy who is that pumped ANY DAY

Anonymous said...

Damn those Bulls. I wonder what is the biggest point swing a team has ever had over two games.

The mark for this two-game old season: 57. 57!

BTW, Dan, do you realize you still have a link to the Daily Quickie on your front page? I suggest you link to some of your favorite blogs/sites there (Deadspin, et al). People like links.

Anonymous said...

^^point-differential, if I wasn't clear...

Trayton Otto said...

B.Roy for ROY.

Took over the Blazers-Sonics game when his team needed him. Beautiful 18-foot jump shots off the pick. And drove the lane when he wasn't. Plus some dogged D on Seattle's clutchiest Ray Allen towards the end of the game.

The Blazers are a young team that will make mistakes. If an opponent leaves the door open for too long, they'll take the opportunity when presented. They're young, but I think they'll grab enough games to not finish in the cellar.

Matt T said...

Glad the Hawks in back to back years passed on Chris Paul and Brandon Roy.


However, I did not pass on Roy or Morrison for my fantasy team.

The NBA is going to be on a huge upswing after last year and all the young, likeable talent. Dwight Howard and Orlando could make some noise in the east.