Tuesday, October 31, 2006

NBA 06-07 Preview: Playoff Picks
Who Will Win West, East?

Running all day: My NBA season preview.
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How will the conferences play out?
I'd say there are five Finals contenders (Spurs, Suns, Mavs, Heat, Bulls), and the rest of it is up in the air for the right to not make the Conference Finals. For many teams, that's progress. Here's how I have it:

1. Spurs
2. Suns
3. Mavs
4. Clippers
5. Kings
6. Nuggets
7. Jazz
8. Warriors
West Champs: Suns

1. Bulls
2. Nets
3. Wizards
4. Heat
5. Pistons
6. Cavs
7. Raptors
8. Magic
East Champs: Heat

Heat over Suns

Comments Question: What is YOUR prediction for how the conferences will shake out? Who will be in contention? Who will be this year's surprise? How will the NBA Finals play out?

-- D.S.


TBender said...

Did you forget about the Rockets?

Anonymous said...


1. Celtics (4th seed)
2. Nets (7th seed)
3. Knicks (8th seed)
4. Raptors
5. Sixers


1. Bulls (1st seed)
2. Cavs (5th seed)
3. Pistons (6th seed)
4. Bucks
5. Pacers


1. Heat (2nd seed)
2. Wizards (3rd seed)
3. Magic
4. Bobcats
5. Hawks

Bulls over Knicks
Heat over Nets
Wizards over Pistons
Cavs over Celtics

Bulls over Cavs
Heat over Wizards

Heat over Bulls


1. Nuggets (4th seed)
2. Jazz
3. Wolves
4. Blazers
5. Sonics


1. Spurs (1st seed)
2. Mavs (2nd seed)
3. Rockets (7th seed)
4. Hornets
5. Grizzlies


1. Clippers (3rd seed)
2. Suns (5th seed)
3. Lakers (6th seed)
4. Warriors (8th seed)
5. Kings

Spurs over Warriors
Mavs over Rockets
Clippers over Lakers
Suns over Nuggets

Spurs over Suns
Clippers over Mavs

Spurs over Clippers

Spurs over Heat...

Christian Thoma said...

You can't have to teams from the same division in the Top 3 Dan! Spurs and Mavs have to be 1 and 4. Besides that not to bad

Didn't the NBA change that rule, and now the seeding is done by record irrespective of division?

Trey (formerly TF) said...

I'll say it now, watch for the Magic (homer, yes...but also legit)

Joe (Dayton

ToddTheJackass said...

I'm all for wishful thinking Dan, but even as much as I hate the Lakers, they'll make the playoffs as long as Kobe can play on that knee.

BLUE said...

They did change the rule this year. They rank the top 4 teams regardless of division standings.

Unsilent Majority said...

The Wiz at number 3?

I love you Mr. Shanoff

gvoll said...

Lot of strange stuff in there, Dan. The strangest, though, is the Heat repeating? By that time, D-Wade's back will barely let him stand up, as he'll be playing his 245,362th game in 365 days. Considering that he is basically the sole reason they won it all last year, I wouldn't count on a repeat performance since he'll be so overworked. Not saying he won't be great, just more than completely exhausted to outgun everyone else that's gunning directly for him (and the Heat).

Boomhauertjs said...

Who's going to score in the paint for the Bulls? The Bulls are going to lose a lot of 80-68 games this year because they rely on a bunch of jump shooters.

Anonymous said...

Hey DAN! How's this for instant history: after the Bull's game, the Heat should start looking ahead to the lottery.

TJ said...

I'm not sure why everyone's underrating the Magic? Is it the youth? The reheated coach? The Darko? The Grant Hill's broken down body? Whatever it is, the Magic are feeling like the definite sleeper this season.

Mega said...

Bulls win by 42?

I like it.

Jake C said...

boom, care to rephrase after last night? they won't ONLY score 68, and they actually would have won with that last night