Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday 12/22 A.M. Quickie:
Ho, Ho, Ho. Happy Holidays!

If I deliver no other opinion or message today, it's this: I wish you and your families all the happiest of holidays, no matter how you will be celebrating. I squeaked out of Chicago last night to get back to New York – wow, was the airline system screwed yesterday.

Was it Brett Favre's final game at Lambeau? Real Packer fans – and everyone else – should hope so.

Packers 9, Vikings 7: My friends, we may just have had the least entertaining NFL game of the year. Good thing most people weren't able to watch. Or didn't want to watch.

More NFL: Art Shell out in Oakland? Reports are that he's gone after the season, though the team denies it. But why wouldn't they fire him? He's been awful. The team is atrocious. The performances are worse. I'm surprised he hasn't been fired YET.

College Hoops: Duke beats Gonzaga. I really thought that the Zags would win this game, given their talent and brutal non-conference schedule. Aw, crap: Now I have to give Duke credit and size them up as a Top 5 team.

CBB Parity Watch: No. 15 Oklahoma State beat No. 7 Pitt in double-OT, behind a career-high 30 from Mario Boggan. Right now, Boggan has got to be one of the Top 5 big men in college hoops. Off the top of my head: Oden, Horford/Noah, Hansbrough, McRoberts, Boggan?

Speaking of Oden and Horford/Noah, I'm already too ready for tomorrow's BCS title-game between Ohio State and defending champ Florida in Gainesville. Horford won't be playing, denying fans the best matchup of big men of the college season. Oden-Noah just isn't the same, though it will still be a battle between two Top 5 NBA picks. Oh, and I'm predicting that Ohio State will win the game, prompting speculation of Ohio State Final Four certainty, not to mention arguments of whether this is the best group of freshmen since the Fab Five (they are). Of course, a loss at home on Saturday night will only make the Gators' football win over the Buckeyes in Glendale so much sweeter.

NBA: You say "tip-in"; I say "tap-in." I guess I didn't make enough of a big deal about David Lee's tip-in with a tenth of a second left to lead the Knicks over the Bobcats. I watched the replay a lot yesterday, and I'm quite sure that even a tip-in can't be completed in a tenth of a second. Two-tenths? Maybe. I think there's a difference between a tip-in and a TAP-in. What Lee did was a TIP-in, and though the NBA was ready to credit him, I disagree. But, nonetheless, it was one hell of a play.

Pistons smack Cavs: I got back from my trip just in time to see the Cavs getting absolutely smoked by the Pistons. Anyone who picked the Cavs to have that breakthrough year where they win the East (or even make the East finals) was smoking crack. I believe I had them picked at the bottom of the East playoff ladder.

Here's the bigger point: The more LeBron realizes that he doesn't have championship pieces around him, the more likely he'll be to bolt when his contract gives him the option.

AI to debut tonight? A night I wish I had NBA League Pass (or might have to sneak away late to a sports bar): Allen Iverson's debut for the Nuggets. Are those jerseys on sale yet? Around Denver and the country, thousands of kids (and maybe a few adults) update their holiday wish lists.

MLB Hot Stove: Ah, D-Train... what did you do? Dontrelle Willis, who I argued in 2005 was the REAL "Face of Baseball" (not, as argued by others, Derek Jeter), was arrested for DUI. Come on, man...

Ripken as unanimous HOF pick? Hal Bodley has an interesting column in today's USA Today about how Cal Ripken should be a unanimous pick for the Hall of Fame, which would be a first. I've said this before:

Any voter who thinks Ripken is Hall-worthy (and who wouldn't?) but won't vote for him out of some ridiculous sense that no one should be unanimous should be permanently banned from Hall of Fame voting. Without overstatement, that is the equivalent of an athlete throwing a championship game.

BYU shellacks Oregon in Las Vegas Bowl: I completely effed up my College Bowl Pick 'Em strategy. I'm now 2-0 and I was MUCH surer of these first two games than the later, higher-profile ones, which I hubristically put all my "confidence" points on. Have to say: This BYU team was good enough to play in the BCS. If there was a 16-team playoff, they would have potentially made some noise as a double-digit seed. (There's still time to enter the College Bowl Pick 'Em! Go to's game and sign up under group name "Daily Quickie Readers.")

Pittsburgh Penguins to relocate: I'm going to throw out my standard concept – Las Vegas. Turn the team into a nightly tourist attraction, with no real local fan base but a rotating group of whoever happens to be in town looking for a fun way to spend a night out. The Pens will be the Celine Dion of hockey teams. And it would work.

More coming later, though I'm sure many of you are taking off early today and won't be checking the blog. I'll be posting and updating through the weekend and holiday, so feel free to check back. Otherwise, happy holidays!

-- D.S.


CMFost said...

Worst game of the year, How about the worst game in the history of football? 3 field goals and a defensive touchdown. That was ugly and to make matters worse you had Bryant gumble calling the game.

CMFost said...

As for unanamious HoF vote for Cal, No he is not derserving of being the first. Yes, His record of consecutive games played is great but he does not rise to the level of a player that will be remember as the greatest ever in there sport and only a player of that caliber should be the first player to get that honor. If anyone is going to be the first it is and should be Roger Clemens.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...


See...I went balls deep and put 32 points on Ohio State winning and 31 points on LSU winning. My reasoning is that I will be in the running toward the end and then I will be able to win because I saved the big points for last. That and I was an idiot and only put 5 points on the BYU/Oregon game.

Also...bigger college bball game tomorrow. My Dayton Flyers will destroy Pitt. Ha...wishful thinking.

Jon said...

Thank you Oklahoma State-Pitt. That game was much more exciting and enjoyable to watch than the borefest on NFL Network. (How on Earth is Bubba Franks still in the NFL? Those are the worst hands I've ever seen.)

The Ohio State-Florida match up would be much better if Horford and Oden weren't hurt and if Brewer was just coming back from mono. Maybe we'll get to see both teams at full strength come March....but I really doubt Florida is going to make it that far.

No disrespect to Ripken, but I don't think he should be the first ever unanimous Hall of Famer. If he does get in unanimously though the voters need to continue on with this trend. It would be ridiculous to see Ripken get in with 100% and then in a few years see a few people not vote for Clemens, Henderson and others who were better players than Cal.

Ftrain said...

Tip-in/Tap-in....hmmm Dan have you ever played basketball?

How about that packers-vikings game? What a game!!
I'm sure after last night, people will start demanding time-warner carry the NFL network!

Mr. Travel Reviewer said...

Pens to Vegas!!! Hell Yes!!!

Move the Red Wings back to the Eastern Conference!!!

Brian in Oxford said...

All that matters is you get all 32 games right, and then you'll scoop up all the points anyways. I'm 2 for 2, but have a total of 3 points, mostly because I didn't feel like rearranging the ENTIRE list of numbers.

Not everyone thinks a .280 hitter with so-so range as a shortstop deserves an automatic spot in the hall of fame. Yeah he'll go, and he SHOULD go, but he certainly shouldn't even get more votes than Tony Gwynn.

Gumbel (note the spelling) and Favre were actually both fine last night. I would rather curse out Bubba Franks, who's trying to cost me big bucks in my spread pool.

I think it'd be funny if college teams tanked in order to get the first pick of high school seniors. Oh wait....

Aitch said...

I don't know about the rest of the faithful readers, but I'm stuck in the office all day today. :-(

But on a happier note, Happy Holidays to all of you. It's been fun reading all your opinions and debating sports with you over the last few months. I look forward to more of the same in the new year.

Jon said...

How can you bash Clemens for not retiring? The guy is still dominant. He's arguably the best pitcher ever and definitely top 5 in everyone's all time rankings. If anyone in the modern era ever deserved to be sent in unanimously it is him, not Cal. Cal was a good player who played in a bunch of games in a row. That's not deserving of being the first unanimous entry. Sorry Ripken fans.

Sheldiz said...

yeah "h", i'm here all day too... and alone in my office. bastards.

Sheldiz said...

even after realizing i could change my 'confidence points', i left them as they were.

i figure the big bowls at the end have the greater chance of going either way.... so the picks will be split... and me with my 30 points of confidence will rule the day!

well, probably not, b/c that assumes i picked the correct winners, which is doubtful.

don't worry, i'll redeem myself when i win the NCAA basketball pool.

CMFost said...

Are these dominate, i am the greatest to ever play my sport or position in my sport number.

BA - .276
HR - 431
RBI - 1695
Hits - 3184
2 time MVP
1 ROY Award
2 time gold glove winner

yeah, I did not think so either. I am actually go on record and I know I will get rip for it but if it was not for the streak Cal Ripken would be a borderline Hall of Fame Candidate.

Actually just for comparison I would like to look at some one who should be in the hall and compare, let's use Jim Rice
Cal - 3001
Rice - 2089

Cal - 11,551
Rice - 8225

BA -
Cal - .276
Rice - .298

Cal - 3184
Rice - 2452

Cal - 431
Rice - 382

Cal - 1695
Rice - 1451

CMFost said...

Let me clarify one thing, I used Rice as a comparison just to show how the number of games played and At Bats(AB) have effected Cal's stats

CMFost said...

Lenny I agree he is a Hall of Famer mostly becuase of the streak. My comment was going back to the unamious part and people saying he shoudl be the first. I do think his stats back up that claim

CMFost said...

I was just saying that if you removed the streak and just look at the stats he would not be a surefire Hall of Famer. That being said you may have some voters who fell that way and if they do not vote for him that should be blamed or stripped of there vote.

Unknown said...

Ugh. ENough with the HoF already.

I think Ohio State will go 2-1 against Florida this year, at worst.

Lose in Bball tonight.
Win in BCS Game (Easily).
Destroy Florida in Elite Eight in March.

Unknown said...

BTW, why does beating a team ranked in the bottom of the poll automatically put Duke in the Top 5??
Kent State (!) almost toppled them a few days ago. Antonio Gates isn't on that team anymore.

CMFost said...

My Prediction Ohio State goes 0-3 against Florida.

Florida wins by 10 this weekend
Florida wins the NC GAme 34-31
Florida wins in the Bball NC Game

Jon said...

I don't know if playing all those games in a row actually helped his team. He probably would have been a lot better sitting out a game or two especially when he was getting older.

If the voters aren't going to put other better and more deserving players in unanimously, there's no argument that would make sense to me that says Ripken should be the first and only one. He wasn't that good, not even a top 25 player that has ever played the game.

Jon said...

Good point rafael. Duke's not a top 5 team just because they beat Gonzaga. So many other teams that deserve the recognition right now because unlike Duke they've beaten some legit teams. Top 5 based on this year's results are probably UCLA, UNC, OSU, Wichita St and Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the BYU love, Shanoff. I'm not sure if my Cougars were BCS-worthy, but I do know that we were a disallowed touchdown (Arizona)and a poor overtime (Boston College) away from an undefeated season.

And may I say, it was particularly sweet to see former BYU head coach Gary Crowton lose the game for Oregon by calling too many passes and switching quarterbacks every two plays.

Anonymous said...

If anything, the BBWAA or whatever they're called have created a stupid precedent that should just end, whether it's with Ripken, or Gwynn, or even Pujols in 2025.

It is the stupidest--repeat: stupidest--line of reasoning that you should keep doing something because it has always been done that way.* Actually, there's something stupider, and that is to artificially lie or cheat in order to keep things that way. I am saying this on the premise that Ripken is actually a consensus HOF pick, though, which isn't necessarily true.

It would be better if we were talking about somebody even better than he, but whatever. Is there any question that he is a baseball legend, and for good reasons? OK, then vote him in. Otherwise, Baltimore may secede.

*There is an experiment where they put food up on a pole in a cage with a group of monkeys. Every time one climbs up, a bell clangs, scaring it away. Once this behavior is indoctrinated in the group, they take away the bell. Still, the monkeys won't let anyone go near the pole. Then, one by one, monkeys are replaced by other monkeys until none remain which even saw the bell. Yet still, the group will keep others from climbing the pole, despite not knowing why they are doing this (and having no reason to do it, since the bell is long gone). Anyhoo, my long-winded point is, none of the writers in the BBWAA could tell you why they can't vote someone in unanimously, so they are no smarter than monkeys.

EPorvaznik said...

>>Without overstatement, that is the equivalent of an athlete throwing a championship game.>>

Real tough talk from a guy who advocates teams purposely tanking seasons.

Regardless, thanks for keeping the spirit of the Quickie alive, Dan, and a Happy Hanukkah to you and yours, as well as a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone else here!!!

Jed Dawson said...

Come on, man...

This is probably as close as we're gonna get to a retraction for that ridiculous "Dontrelle should be the face of baseball" remark.

But you know, it's still pretty sweet. The Captain reigns, Dan.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

revscott - I was pretty confident in BYU and put 21 points on it, I guess; I'm middling right now just because of the fact that I didn't know about the confidence points until after the TCU game.

I also put 32 points on OSU... because I watched the last 3 Florida games. Your points are in good hands there.

I feel the need to direct this information at you, because I find myself tied with an entry known as "LindsayLohansLeftBoob," fielded by one S. Mange. Hrmm.

Mikepcfl said...

The only problem with comparing Rice (who I believe should be in the HoF) and Ripken is the position they each played. Comparing offensive stats between a RF and SS is not a good comparison.

Most statistical analyis by people like Bill James has Ripken in the top handful of all-time SS. When you factor in defense (Ripken deserved more Gold gloves), character and the streak he is one of the all time greats.

There should have been players prior to Ripken elected unanimously and there are future ones who should as well, but it should start with Cal.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Art Shell become a color commentator after this season.

-Art Shell

Brian in Oxford said...

I bet when Tejada gets near the end of his O's contract, Angelos suspends him or something to keep him from getting anywhere close to that streak.

Then will Tejada make the hall of fame? His numbers might end out better in the long run, too.

Anonymous said...

Dan, thoughts on the planned walk-out at the Lions' game this weekend? Futile? Too little too late (after all, wouldn't it be better if no one showed in the first place?)? What can the fans reasonably hope to accomplish?

john (east lansing, mi) said...

I don't know where else to mention this so that someone else can respond in kind, and the Lewis-Black-style aneurysm can be avoided.

I hate Jemele Hill.


Anonymous said...

Hey, let's take the opportunity to celebrate 2006. Just picture

Hooray Art Shell!! We love your steely sideline expression!
Hooray Snyder!!! Your savvy off-season moves help out your poorer competitors!
Hooray Stern!! Your new ball was the toast of my driveway!
Hooray TO!! I love always having watercooler talk on slow sports days!!
Hooray Bonds!! No, never mind.

Sheldiz said...

john (ann arbor).... what is your specific beef w/ Jemele Hill?

I don't find her nearly as annoying as i had wanted to.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

John in Ann Arbor...

Yes...Lindsay Lohan's Left Boob is my entry. I am in the deadspin group also and since I signed up in that group first, I just used that name over in Shanoff's group.

Wow...32 points on the OSU game for you too AND we are currently tied? I feel so dirty.

Ann Arbor is a filthy whore! Ha...Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Least entertaining game of the year? Heck, that wasn't even the worst Vikings game this year (see: San Francisco 9, Minnesota 3).

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,
That was an insightful, original post about Lebron. The issues are:

-He's tired and playing like it; mostly toward the end of games.

-The Pistons are an experienced, championship team who understands the importance of games like this. The Cavs are a talented yet inexperienced team who doesn't yet get it.

Neither of these speak to Lebron's future in Cleveland. They speak to a team and coach that need start playing like regular season games matter.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

sheldiz - today's Page 2 and her ... whatever you can call it ... directed at Michelle Wie, on entering college.

I guess not everybody reacts to things the same way, but I seem to recall somebody making fun of Jim Caple for trying to relive college for, and as a 5-day-old alum, I find myself more annoyed by Jemele's "have fun in college, heehee!" shit than Mr. Caple's "I'm old and I get to hang out at colleges and get paid" shit. Not that he's great or anything, I just think this recent product of Jemele's wacky mind is worthy of loathing.

I mean, it's like, great job - we either went to college and could have made the same lame jokes in our sleep, especially since you're writing for Disney and thus supertame, or we don't care to begin with. What are you trying to prove? We know you fucking went to school somewhere; we are also aware of the last decade's crop of constantly quotable movies; furthermore, we're surprised but not impressed that you got a nosebleed while doing a... beer bong keg stand?

There are only three paragraphs that make that anything like a story that should be on, even though I love Page 2's bullshit cheesecake drivel (the paragraphs about handlers, rich kids, and celebrity status), and not one is clever or funny.

And, um, this may be... cultural, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about "Friday" or anything like that. The first two readings, I thought she had included the "Friday the 13th trilogy" for some reason and ignored the fact that there are like 90 of them.

I dunno. Maybe it's no worse than 92% of P2, but it just really struck me as one of the lamest, least original, unfunniest pieces I have seen.

Tell me you or I couldn't write a better fucking guide to college for Michelle Wie, in 15 minutes. She gets paid for this? What a crock.

Um, happy holidays.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

Yes John, but how do you FEEL?

Sheldiz said...

john (ann arbor) -- when put into the context of comparing her writing with my own, i can see what you're saying, completely.

maybe i spend too much time hating on easterbrook and should spread my dislike around a little more evenly. :)

dude, how did you get through college without watching Friday??

Anonymous said...

Peyton Yanning of the nba?
Did you watch any of the cavs playoff games last year? Do you realize they were an offensive rebound away from beating a team they were given no shot against? Peyton is Peyton b/c he's consistently been to the playoffs and consistently choked. Lebron has been to the playoffs once in his three years in the league and overachieved once he got there. He's the exact opposite of Peyton thus far in his career.

Unknown said...

I like Jemele Hill's work for the most part so far.
And if you didn' tlike the 'puff' piece on the brawls, maybe you aren't listening well enough.
Baseball brawls ARE considered funny, or extremely pathetic..damn, none of them know how to fight.

Either case, Page 2 isn't meant to be an intellectual well. That went away when Ralph Wiley died.

Greg said...

send the pens to hartford...if im not mistaken, the city owns the rights to the name "whalers"

Anonymous said...

that would be so amazing if there was a return of the whale! I don't see it happening though...