Friday, December 22, 2006

"Night Before Xmas":
Welcome, Deadspin Readers

If you're arriving here after seeing my "Night Before Christmas" tribute/parody poem on Deadspin, welcome (or welcome back, if you haven't visited lately). In addition to the poem, the major topic on the table today is Festivus-inspired grievances. Check back through the weekend for NFL and all next week for the daily usual. Take the week off? As they might say at Deadspin: "Hell 2 da naw." Happy holidays! -- D.S.


Anonymous said...


Big D said...

Wow. Grand-masta-Shanoff.

I'd comment over on DS too, but I haven't got my "Official Deadspin Commenter" card yet.

Half-Man/All-Amazing said...

I want a commenter card. how do i get one??

Ma4tt (the 4 is silent) said...

Dan... weak, bro. I think your skills have dropped off since you stopped getting paid by the WWL. Or was is just that you have less time to be creative?

Either way, here's hoping that you get a paying gig soon. Less travel, more rhyme!

DS for President!

(Of the WNBA)

~ Ma4tt

P.S. Seriously, you can look back and see that this is the worst of your offerings. You must have felt rushed or something. We're still behind ya....