Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2007 Bloggies Nomination: Last Call!
(Plus: Recapping a Day of Unread Posts!)

What you may have missed below while Blogger was down for most of the day:

(1) Hall of Fame Voting Scandal!
(2) Why a CFB "Plus-One" Won't Work!
(3) My Final CFB Top 10 Ranking!
(4) Quickie: How 'Bout Them Gators?

Just one day left to nominate this blog for "Best Sports Blog" in the 2007 Bloggie Awards
. For the last week, it's been the grassroots movement of the year. If you haven't yet (or, hell, even if you have), if you'd follow this link to the nomination page (where they have all the instructions), I'd really appreciate it. And, after all, I see this just as much as an award for the readers and those of you who comment as anything else. Huge thanks -- only one more day of me pimping this thing! (Meanwhile, what a terrible day for Blogger to go down for most of the day: This is my most prolific posting day since the first days of the blog!) -- D.S.


Unknown said...


So..Shanahan tanks the season by benching Plummer for a rookie...and its the D-coordinator that gets fired?!

Big D said...

I don't think it was all of blogger that got fried, only specific sites. I was able to get to my page, as well as a handful of others, without warning.

Maybe tWWL (or isiah thomas at the top of this page) decided to shut down the Shannoff section of the blogosphere for a little while...

CMFost said...

Ok Dan enough Shilling, some of us nominated you and will consider voting for you when the voting starts.

Unknown said...

anyone else think Greg Oden might benefit from another year in school?