Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday 08/27 A.M. Quickie:
Vick, LLWS, Quinn, Twins, CFB, More!

Michael Vick to plead guilty today: It will be official, and then it's on to "How much time will he do?"

Not to mention: "How deep will Vick's snitchin' go?" (If nothing else, hopefully this episode puts to bed the myth of "stop snitchin'.")

And, finally, "What will the Falcons do about Vick and how quickly will they do it?"

Meanwhile, how surreal that on the day Vick pleads guilty, the Falcons play on national TV against the Bengals. Uh, think the topic will come up on MNF? They should just put Lester Munson in the booth as an extra analyst.

(Meanwhile, I wonder if Alberto Gonzalez timed his resignation to coincide with Vick's guilty plea, to take advantage of a news media pulled in several directions at once?)

MLB Stud: Georgia, which beat Japan for the LLWS title. (Yes, it's not an MLB Stud today, but a "Baseball Stud," and a nod to the kids.)

Name to Know: Dalton Carriker, who hit the game-winning home run in the 8th.

Meanwhile: I take back my mocking commentary of David Wells as the Dodgers' newest starting pitcher.

MLB Injury Watch: Chase Utley could come back tonight.

MLB Pennant Races: Suddenly, the Twins enter the picture. After (season) sweeping the Orioles, the Twins have won 5 in a row (9 of 12) and are only 5.5 GB the Indians, with a 3-game series in Cleveland coming up next. (Isn't it great that there is so much more playoff-race intrigue beyond the trite "Will the Yankees make it?")

NFL Preseason/Fantasy Watch: Wow, that Steelers offense looks a LOT more wide open in the Tomlin Era than the Cowher Era. There might not be a single WR star, fantasy-wise, but it should mean big numbers for Big Ben (and a lot of room for Willie Parker... IF he can keep that knee healthy).

NFL Dud: Lance Briggs. Is it now a "Lance-borghini?"

Meanwhile, Browns GM Phil Savage said that Brady Quinn won't start the team's opener. Not sure if he made any promises about whether (a) Quinn would play in the opener, or (b) Quinn would start Week 2. (And based on the way he played against the Broncos' first-team D, that could happen.)

U.S. Open: Predictions in tennis are even easier than golf. I'll take Roger Federer on the men's side, obviously. (On the women's side, I'll take Serena.)

CFB: Coming later this morning is the kickoff to our week-long College Football Preview discussion. Today: Top 25, with my pick for national champ. Teaser: It's not USC. And, no, it's not Florida, either. (Also: Keep an eye out on Deadspin this afternoon for my new weekly CFB guest-post.)

Intrigue: USC and Florida aren't really rivals, except that they now annually compete at the top of the recruiting and BCS standings. That's why it's slightly intriguing that USC won't allow WR Jamere Holland to transfer to Florida (That Holland's H.S. coach works at UF has something to do with it, but still: Seems like bad form.)

USA Hoops: US routs Brazil, which was widely considered the 3rd-best team in the field. All of these games are preliminary to a showdown with Argentina. (But even then, with the tournament's top 2 teams guaranteed a spot in the Olympics, what is the incentive – beyond pride – to win a game between them? Of course, the entire thing is an exercise in pride, so I suppose that's the motivation.)

More NBA: The Celtics really needed complementary "glue" players to go with their Big Three, and I think they got one in James Posey, a versatile defender who won't demand the shots that KG, Pierce and Allen will demand.

Golf "Playoffs": Part of the reason no one can take golf's "playoffs" seriously is because, by skipping this past weekend's events, Tiger Woods drops from 1st to 4th. Does anyone really believe he isn't still 1st? (This would be like USC going unbeaten, dropping out of the BCS system, then laughing as two other teams play for the "championship.")

Track: By this time next year, newly crowned World Champ sprinter Tyson Gay will be a household name, heading into the Olympics.

Mark Cuban to go on Dancing with the Stars: This is NOT the same as Emmitt Smith or Jerry Rice. But, man, does that guy have a Hall of Fame flair for self-promotion. (That's said in admiration, not scorn.)

In Case You Missed It: Jamie Mottram delivers the final word on jean shorts.

-- D.S.


The heroin sheik said...

What no mention of the beatdowns the rays put on oakland this weekend. Kazmir sets a team record for K's with 13 and the night before Shields went 8.1 without giving up a run. I think every batter on saturday night either had an rbi or a run. I will keep saying it, this team is two or three years away from being the class of the AL east.

Matt T said...

That's back to back LLWS titles for the state of Georgia.

The Falcons are trying to some or all of the money back from him, but they have to keep him on the roster in order to do that (not sure why really, but that's what the Atlanta paper is reporting)

thistlewarrior said...

Honorary MLB Stud: Davey Concepcion-one of the greatest defensive shortstops (he pretty much covered the entire left side of the infield) had his #13 retired by the Reds this weekend. He may not have had stunning stats, but if you saw him play or have seen the way Venezuelan players revere him, there is no way you can say he doesn't deserve the HOF.

The heroin sheik said...

BTW it isn't just Florida fans who wear jorts. I think the entire state wears them. I might be the only person I know from Florida who doesn't wear them. I preferred to dress like a third grader and wear cargo shorts.

CMFost said...

Sheik - Not a chance in 2 or 3 years the Rays will be losing all there good players to other teams when they will not pay them and the Red Sox have more good young pitching then the Rays.

CMFost said...

MLB Dud - The Chicago White Sox - Are they really that bad. Get swept in a 4 game series at home being outscored 46-7.

So much for the Red Sox - Yankees Series being important this week. The only way this series has a chance of Mattering is if the Yankees sweep. Anything less and you red Sox fan can stop worrying about the Yankees catching them.

The heroin sheik said...

They are going to have a very small window of opportunity of 2-3 years. After 2010 we start losing our players but til their contracts expire we are loaded.

nep1293 said...

As far as the PGA playoffs go, Tiger Woods is obviously the # 1 golfer no matter who wins the playoffs, but every year there are teams that win championships that weren't the best during the regular season. The Colts were not the best team last year but won the playoff season, same goes for the Cardinals and the Spurs. So it is not such a ridiculous premise.

I don't think it is going to to anything to help the ratings because I really do think it is a stupid idea, but it does add at least a little intrigue to a part of the season where even die hard fans don't give a crap about.

At the very least the best players get together for a few more tournaments. There hasn't been too many tourmaments with as strong a field as the Barclays had, even without Tiger.

pv845 said...

Was that almost a Brady Quinn compliment?

Even if Tiger doesn't play in a Tourney, I say it is a push as to whether he wins the Tourney.

pv845 said...

I forgot to mention the profootballtalk rumor about the "other" dogs at Vick's house. I completely agree that since he doesn't bet on the dogsand kills them when they don't fight well, he is some kind of sadist for just liking to see dogs tear the heck out of each other.

ToddTheJackass said...

IF Jake McGee or Jeff Niemann can turn into a #1 starter, then I'll believe the D-Rays will have a chance by 2009/2010. But they haven't really had great luck with pitching prospects developing other than Shields (with Kazmir coming from the Mets). I'm a huge Evan Longoria fan though, and if Delmon Young can just learn to be a little more patient, the sky really is the limit for that team.

Sad day for White Sox fans out there... sorry dudes.

Jen said...

Every time Evan Longoria is mentioned here, I have to read it twice because my brain first reads "Eva(n) Longoria" and I wonder why the heck she is being mentioned! haha

Brady Quinn needs to throw to his downfield a little more. His pass to Jurevicius was right on though. I would have challenged it if I were RC. Frye looked so much better. The defense, especially against the run, is still shaky.

Jen said...

And there is your Browns update!

ToddTheJackass said...

MLB Studs and Duds from yesterday:

1. Kelvim Escobar - W, 8.0IP, ER, 6H, 5K
2. Jayson Werth - 5/5, 4RBI
3. Adam Wainwright - W, 7.0IP, ER, 6H, 5K, BB
4. Chris B Young - 2/4, 2HR, 4RBI
5. Carlos Pena - 2/4, 2HR, 3RBI

1. Tim Stauffer - L, 4.0IP, 11ER, 11H, 3K, 3BB
2. Daniel Barone - L, 3.0IP, 9ER, 8H, 3K, 2BB
3. John Hanrahan - L, 3.2IP, 9ER, 8H, K, 5BB
4. Chris Woodward - 0/4, K, E, 5LOB
5. A-Rod - 0/4, 2K, 4LOB

The heroin sheik said...

Knowing the Rays when Longoria makes the bigs they will do a eva/evan night or something stupid like that. They really need to work on their promotions. At least we aren't as bad as the cubs who I hear gave out a bobblehead of a player not on their team anymore.

ndyanksfan05 said...

Browns fans all over are probably pretty happy right now with how this draft worked out for them. Even if it is just hte preseason, Quinn is showing a lot of good things - he is accurate, his long ball is looking good and the biggest thing is his pocket pressence. He is stepping up in the pocket under pressure and delivering very good balls. He has been helped out by some good runs after the catch, but he did a lot to silence his critics by putting up a very solid showing against a mid-tier first string defense.

Again, it just makes me happy that Dan is looking like a big d-bag now for calling Quinn a d-bag over and over again.

Unknown said...

Nothing on Randy Couture vs Gabriel Gonzaga from Saturday's UFC 74? Is everyone over the UFC since their posterboy Liddell was quickly KO'ed? Gonzaga broke his nose when their heads clashed on a Couture takedown in the 1st round. Couture dominates the fight and pounds him out in the 3rd. Amazing that 44 year old man can hammer a guy 16 years his junior but it also begs the question - what if Gonzaga didn't break his nose? How about former Welterweight Champ Georges St. Pierre with his commanding win over TUF star Josh Koscheck? Can the UFC get some love?

Darklawdog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darklawdog said...

I'm still a big fan of the UFC, but it is difficult to get time to go and watch the PPV.


It is a sad day in humanity when Vick is still getting a roaring cheer walking into the courthouse.

Ohio Flooding:
Downtown findlay wreaks terribly bad right now.

Brian in Oxford said...

I don't least UFC doesn't electrocute ITS losers....

Maybe the governor of Georgia can arrange a charity game between last year's champ and this year's. Might be cool.

I wonder how much anti-love will be given to artificial turf SS now after that era has passed....Davey, them to guys like Omar, or even Ripken, doing what they did on real dirt.

Pats looked halfway decent Friday night. Two more weeks until some good football, though.

Anonymous said...

Jorts=Not Cool...even after 15 years.

Unknown said...

Great time to be a Bears fan. Briggs' 350K Lamborghini was found crashed and abandoned today. Let the betting begin with "Avoiding a DUI until he sobers up" at even money.

Brian in Oxford said...

oh, and did anyone else think the LLWS homer kid's prance around the bases looked rather a lot like A-Rod's? Mannerisms were very similar, the way the hands were out to his sides....

Allen Wedge said...

I know we rarely talk open-wheel racing here, but anyone catch the Indy race yesterday? Dario (I won the Indy 500 but I'm still known as Ashley Judd's husband) Franchitti is racing for the series championship worth $1 million; was leading 64 or so of 80 laps.

Teammate Marco Andretti coming out of the pits contending for the race lead heavily blocks then bumps with Dario spinning Andretti and damaging Dario's car enough that it couldn't handle at all for him to stop people from passing him.

Taking themselves out of the race is bad enough, but then after the race Team owner Michael Andretti blames Dario!?

Anonymous said...

Quinn didn't play against the Broncos first team D you fucking idiot.

ndyanksfan05 said...

Just going by what I read denverdouchebag...

"Although Joe Jurevicius hauled in Quinn's perfectly thrown 39-yard pass over Dre' Bly in the end zone, the nearest official ruled he didn't get both feet down before going out of bounds -- replays showed otherwise, but Crennel didn't challenge the call.

"That's a call that maybe if it's the regular season we challenge it," Jurevicius said. "I'm not too worried about it. I think Brady made a great decision coming outside [the receiver's left shoulder] and doing something that was out of the ordinary."

Although "I thought the ball was pretty much on time where it was supposed to be, the throw could have been a little better for Joe to make it easier on him," Quinn said.

That came against Denver's frontline defense, too -- although that may not be as impressive as it sounds. Slow to adapt to new boss Jim Bates' scheme, the Broncos' starters have allowed six touchdowns and three field goals in 15 possessions this preseason."

hutlock said...

Okay, seriously. Who DIDN'T see this coming? Or anyone who didn't think that his lawyers told him to find God if he wanted America to forgive him? Sickening.


Vick said he now has renounced dogfighting and has found religion as a result of the federal charges. "Dogfighting is a terrible thing. I reject it," he said.

Brian in Oxford said...

Which religion? Santeria?

ToddTheJackass said...

As per Quinn, regardless of whether or not he'll be good, you really can't take anything from the Preseason as any judge of that. Hell, Daunte Culpepper looked awesome in the preseason last year, right?

Also, being a good player doesn't automatically make you less of a douchebag (not just for Quinn, but for anyone).

Unknown said...

Huge win for Couture, although I think he got a break, no pun intended, when Gonzaga broke his nose. How he took those kicxks to the head I'll never understand.

Mevs said...

Also, being a good player doesn't automatically make you less of a douchebag (not just for Quinn, but for anyone).

Why is Brady a douchebag? Because KSK says so? Come on dude. He was in some funny ass photos in college? Because he's an NFL millionaire QB? Because he's jacked? Because he could have any woman he wanted, including any one you ever meet? Ok, just checking.