Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday 09/01 A.M. (Very) Quickie

In one year, we've come a long way since this. (Wow: Seven posts... in one day! Talk about an unrealistic pace.) Anyway, it's a big day of college football ahead, and I will revive last year's tradition of an open thread throughout the day for commentary.

(For example: It's Tebow Time, and the New York Times knows it. This is an amazing way to wake up on a Saturday: My favorite college football writer -- Thamel -- reporting on my favorite college football player -- Tebow. Thamel really established his cred when he became the first national voice to really start talking about Urban Meyer before Utah's unbeaten season.)

Now, other stuff...

Rodney Harrison is a PED cheater: The NFL suspended him for 4 games, and he gets what is supposed to be a Pats' Super Bowl season off to a less-than-ideal start.

(Let's reiterate: This is probably closer to the norm than an exception. Harrison was merely stupid enough to get caught. But if you think the NFL doesn't have a PED problem that makes MLB's problems look small by comparison, you're delusional.)

Byron Leftwich demoted from Jags starting QB for David Garrard: This was a suprise. Leftwich was supposed to be having a good preseason. He's in a contract year -- and can't be happy. The Jags are going to try to trade him (um, KC?) -- I will continue to root for him.

(Leftwich is one of my favorite NFL players and my favorite Jag -- at least until Reggie Nelson plays his first regular-season down -- and I'm not exactly thrilled at the development, except maybe Leftwich can get to a situation where the coach actually likes and/or respects him.)

Michael Strahan ends holdout: What's the over/under on how many weeks until he's (inevitably) injured? I'm saying 2.

Juan Encarnacion struck in the face: Here's hoping he's OK, in what was probably the scariest on-field moment of the year.

MLB Stud: Scott Baker.

CFB Friday Night: Washington routs Syracuse. Wow, Syracuse is terrible, truly terrible. And Washington could be good this year. The Huskies get their true test next week, against Boise State.

NHL Relocation: Looks like the Predators are staying in Nashville. (Sorry, Hamiltonians.)

Beckham out six weeks: Might as well be six months.

-- D.S.


thistlewarrior said...

Good God Dan, you nearly gave me a heart attack! For a second I thought my city was getting a hockey team. Hamilton, Ontario, not Ohio. Damn, oh well. :)

Ha Ha Patroits! The first drama (of hopefully many) of the year comes from an unexpected source.

BTW, Go Hilltoppers!

Mega said...

SI is reporting that Jacksonville is exploring trading or releasing Leftwich. He could be good trade bait I think (KC? Atlanta?)

I wonder what excuse Peter King will come up with to defend the Pats cheating.

The heroin sheik said...

Cmon Dan I know we are both all sportin wood over Tebow making his first start in a few hours but no mention of the assraping the Rays put on the Yankees last night. Carlos Pena not only is second in HR's in the AL but he was a major stud last night-2 for 2(both hr), 3r, 2 rbi, Sonnanstine went 8 ip and only gave up 1 er. Yeah that phil hughes aint shit. I won 50 bucks on th atgame last night with some dipshit at work. I told him you got to worry bout the Rays at the end of the year especially when they are playing hot. They just ended the 8th month in team history with a winning record. Ten years and only 8 months with winning records.

Check out this site dan you will piss your pants laughing.

Tim Tebow grinds his coffee with his own teeth and boils the water with his rage.

Tim Tebow makes even Chuck Norris shit his own pants.

That shit is priceless.

2bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, 12, we are the gators go fuck yourselves.

pv845 said...

KC doesn't want an immobile, inaccurate QB. We already have 2.

Baker was amazing last night.

Jay said...

I am so depressed about Harrison. He's my favorite player and I really have no idea how I feel about this. Ugh. He can never talk trash again and everything he does from now on will be suspect. The Pats need him in those first 4 games too.