Friday, January 25, 2008

New Varsity Dad Post Up:
Naming Your Kid After an Athlete

New post up at Varsity Dad: Anyone ever named their kid specifically after an athlete? Know anyone who did? Check out the post and share your stories.

(Let me reaffirm: Gabe was NOT named after Gabe Kapler, although I could pick worse than a rare Jewish baseball player.)

This reminds me of when my wife was pregnant, and the Morning Quickie chatters were guessing at baby names and the clubhouse leader going into the due date was "Noah," specifically named for Joakim. (It was just after the Gators had won their first title and Noah was named Tournament M.O.P.)

Noah is a great name, but the connection to the Gators has to make it ineligible. I couldn't take the abuse, even if it would have had nothing to do with Joakim. Seriously: No judgments from me if that's what you've done, but naming your kid after an athlete (or any celeb) ain't for me.

Imagine all those TONS of people who named their kid "Britney." Good luck with that.

-- D.S.


JX said...

My wife and I named our son, Hunter, after Hunter S. Thompson is that a bad thing? ;-)

R. LeBaron said...

No athletes, but I have a friend who plans to name his son Clark Kent.