Friday, January 25, 2008

Shanoff Twitter Mania: All Weekend Long!

Shanoff Twitter Mania! I will have spotty laptop access all weekend, but I've got two things that will get the job done: My Blackberry and my Twitter page (which everyone who uses Twitter should have already been "following" me with...right???).

So sign up to "follow" me at the Dan Shanoff Twitter page ( and follow along all weekend as I tweet while driving, tweet while I should be minding my kid, tweet during family dinners and tweet during "discussions" about wasn't-I-supposed-to-take-the-weekend-off-from-blogging.

(I guess you're either a Twitter'er or a Tumblr'er: I have both, but for now Twitter is my preferred medium between the two -- come on: For a guy who made his living writing the "Quickie," Twitter is a dream come true. Tumblr lets me put my Twitter tweets as a post itself; hmm... anyone know how to convert a Blogger blog to a Tumblr blog?)

The other option is to check the blog and look on the right side for the area that says "Shanoff on Twitter," which updates just as quickly as the actual Twitter page. (I will also use Blogger's email-a-post function to try to get a standard post or two up between now and Monday morning.)

Have a great weekend.

-- D.S.

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Kurt said...

Dan, we don't want you on the Uconn don't jump on now. Stick with your shitty Florida team.