Sunday, January 20, 2008

NFL Conf Champ Games: Pats Win

UPDATE: Pats win the AFC title. 18-0. Super Bowl-bound. Regardless of their NFC opponent, let the insanity of their potential perfection climax, starting... now. Enjoy the next two weeks. You'll loathe them by the end.

(Truly: America will be divided between those who want to see 19-0 and those who can't stand the idea of these Pats -- and these Pats fans -- enjoying this unprecedented greatness.)

As for the Chargers, they were unable to get it done: Both within the 10-yard-line, where they had 3 shots and came away with 3 FGs -- and on D, where they let the Pats run out the clock.

Next up: Giants vs. Packers.


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Pats-Chargers, Packers-Giants.

Odds on that we'll see Pats-Pack in the Super Bowl, leading to the Brady-Favre "Slurper Bowl" -- along with the frenzy over the potential of 19-0.

Anything else: Giants winning... god forbid, Chargers winning... would be huge upsets. Obviously, the Chargers winning would be epically huge. We'll see...

UPDATE: AFC at Halftime. Good news, bad news for the Chargers. Good news: The D has played really well. Bad news: The O hasn't matched, particularly inside the 10.

(Oh, and if you saw that IBM ad with "Buzzword Bingo," we totally used to play that in business school during the classroom discussion. You won't find more buzzwords per hour than you will from a group of 85 MBA students.)

More on the ads: Did you see that Southwest ad featuring Clay Davis from "The Wire?" (The actor who plays Clay Davis, obviously, but it seemed unnatural: Like the actor was going to say, all of a sudden, "Wait in some got-damm line to get on the got-damm plane?! Sheeeeeee-it!" Actually, having the actor play Clay Davis IN CHARACTER in the ad would have been the greatest moment in TV ads in the last year.)

More ads: The new Air Jordan ad, promoting the upcoming AJ XXIII. I love when Nike uses old high school clips. I could take or leave the guys involved -- T.O., Rip Hamilton, Chris Paul, Ray Allen, Derek Jeter -- but points for creative presentation.


phillipkscott said...

Um, what was up with Dan Marino's phone ringing three times during halftime? That has to mean something ... right?

Jon Bois said...

Did you notice "The Wire"'s Cedric Daniels in the Cadillac commercial? It's nice to know that the cast of the best show in television history will at least get farmed out to commercials about people driving cars through tunnels.

Michael W said...

I can only imagine what it feels like to be Tiki Barber right now. Way to drop a team on their way up!

Pity I'm not a Giants fan. It's been a very good postseason to be one.

Lou Pickney said...

Jon: There was abject shock in my house today when Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (Clay Davis from The Wire) showed up in a Southwest Airlines ad.

I enjoyed the Nike commercial with the old school clips. It's not the first time the company has gone that route (remember the Randy Moss and Jason Williams ad from their basketball days at the now-shuttered Dupont High School with the Dukes of Hazzard theme?)

My early favorite commercial of 2008 is the one from the Bud Light "special abilities" campaign where the guy gains the ability to hear animals talk, only to find that perhaps silence is golden. "Sausages!"