Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday 01/22 A.M. Quickie:

In honor of the ridiculous breathless sports-media coverage of a celebrity-media-driven story -- Tom! Brady's! Foot! (photo/video courtesy of Page Six and TMZ) -- here's a preview of today's column at SportingNews.com:

Tom Brady! Scandal!
NFC Title Game TV Ratings! Scandal!
Tom Coughlin! Scandal!
Tony Dungy! Scandal!
LaDainian Tomlinson! Scandal!
Pat Riley! Scandal!
Doc Rivers! Scandal!
Dwight Howard! Scandal!
Syracuse! Scandal!
Memphis! Scandal!
Troy Tulowitzki! Scandal!
Will Leitch! Scandal!
Bud Selig! Scandal!

Wow, I'm kind of tired after writing all that. Check out the column (up shortly) and check back here throughout the day for more original posts.

-- D.S.


The Mark Show said...

Gerald Green will be the dunk contest winner again. Dwight Howard has no chance.

John said...

...and whoever had Tom Brady's right foot in the office pool as the most over hyped story leading up to the Super Bowl wins the prize.

Melbye said...

So will Brady's injury report change from shoulder to "lower leg injury"?