Friday, March 28, 2008

Davidson Advances! Stephen Curry Rules!

Wow, Davidson is impossible not to like -- double that for Stephen Curry, who after tonight's 33-point game (on top of the other two games where he combined for 70) is the most must-see individual talent in the NCAA Tournament since Carmelo. But Curry is even more exciting to watch -- and even better than the quick-release 3s was that wild twisty layup.

Based on the way they thoroughly outplayed Wisconsin -- the second half wasn't even close -- you have to give them a chance against the Kansas-Villanova winner in the regional final. I am enjoying Davidson's run even more than George Mason's two years ago. -- D.S.

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Michael W said...

If I'm going to have my bracket busted, why not by a team that ruins everyone else's? I want to see Davidson in the finals!

We see big-time talent in the tournament on a fairly regular basis, but how often coming from a Sophomore? No way Davidson has him for his Junior year.