Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday 03/29 (Very) Quickie: Elite Me!

The Elite Eight is set: UNC-Louisville and UCLA-Xavier today, Kansas-Davidson and Memphis-Texas tomorrow. It's a very compelling batch of games.

As for last night, we got four routs, although one (Davidson over Wisconsin) was shocking in that a 10-seed routed a defensive-minded 3-seed, behind the continuation of one of the great individual star performances of all time in the NCAA Tournament.

Today's regional finals are interesting: UNC has been unstoppable recently, but Louisville plays tough D and has the athletes to run with UNC; Xavier has had this "refuse-to-lose" thing going on all Tournament, while UCLA has sort of been "no-win-is-a-bad-win" for the last month. I have UCLA winning it all, but Xavier could surprise.

You can't possibly be rooting against Davidson (unless you're a Kansas fan or near the top of your pool and NEED Davidson to lose) and back in-state, Texas played as well as any 1-seed, but given the way the top seeds are playing, an "all-1" Final Four wouldn't be a terrible outcome.

NBA: Celtics beat Hornets. Go back a year and imagine your reaction if someone said they would be leading their conferences this year.

Kobe hangs 53 on the Grizzlies: He is the Stephen Curry of the NBA, I guess you could say.

NCAA Hockey Tournament: Top-seeded New Hampshire is out, upset by noted hockey power Notre Dame.

-- D.S.


Anonymous said...

One of the hanson brother's son(from the movie Slapshot) plays for Notre Dame.

WuzUpG said...

Could the NCAA Women's Elite Eight outcome predict the Men's Elite of UNC overcoming 18 points to beat Louisville?

Isn't that weird, both schools played each other on the same day?