Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday 03/28 A.M. Quickie:
Xavier, Pitino, Love, Curry, UNC, More!

A ton to cover in today's Sporting News column:
  • How big was that dagger by Xavier's BJ Raymond?
  • How bad do I feel about the Vols' being ousted?
  • How could I pick against Rick Pitino in a regional semi?
  • How unstoppable does UNC look right now?
  • How much credit does Western Kentucky deserve?
  • How many points will Stephen Curry score against Wisco?
  • How big of a choke will Bill Self or John Calipari serve up?
  • How does Barry Bonds fit in the 2008 MLB picture?
  • How excited should you be for Nats Park opening?
  • How much bad info is there about Glenn Dorsey?
  • How does Jeff Novitzky get his inside info?
  • How obvious was Ryan Perilloux's suspension ending?
That and a lot more... after the jump.

More coming later today.

-- D.S.


John said...

I'll bet you a dollar Shanoff that no one signs Bonds this season. No NL team is going to sign him to the money he is going to want, because he's not an everyday OF'er. In the NL he's nothing more than a platoon OF'er/pinch hitter. A small market AL team that could use Bonds today as an everday DH (KC or TB?) isn't going to pay him the money he wants. Plusthey don'tt want Bonds and his circus anywhere near their young prospects. The large market AL teams (Boston, NY, Cleveland, Detroit, LAA) don't need a DH. Even if the Red Sox lost Ortiz for the season tomorrow, they'd probably move Manny to DH and find an everyday OF'er somewhere else, instead of signing Bonds.

Michael W said...

Tennessee was the last decent chance for UNC to get bounced before the finals, in my opinion, so it's a pity to see them go. They were playing pretty stellar basketball.

The thought of all those people who picked the #1 seed overall to win the tournament chortling last night makes me shudder.