Friday, March 28, 2008

Expanding the NCAA Tournament to All Teams Gains Traction

In the New Republic, Leitch agrees with my "expand-the-NCAA-Tournament-to-everyone" theory.

-- D.S.


Brad said...

I just can't get behind it....Does too little to reward the regular season to me....And I really don't see the reasoning that a 4-22 team from the Big South should keep playing

pv845 said...

except no one cares what Leitch thinks outside of Deadspin. Call me when espn or si care.

I think the season is already too long. There are 30+ games over almost 7 months. That is a lot of time for a young kid to play. You get to the point where the season is survival and not who is best.

Luke Bell said...

Ummm, no. Keep it as is.

Almost every team has a chance to make the tournament via their conference tournament auto bid anyway. Getting to the dance should be a reward for a good season, or at least a magical run to the conference auto-bid title. Letting everyone in? Yawn.

And I shouldn't need to point out your inconsistent opinions on this and NCAA football.