Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday 04/25 A.M. Quickie:
Draft, Wiz, Cliff Lee, Favre-Madden, More

I was putting together my SN column this morning and I included the annual "NFL Draft Buzzword Drinking Game" guide. I realized that this should be some sort of public wiki situation, where fans can create a massive and constantly updated list of buzzwords worthy of inclusion. Maybe next year.

Meanwhile, my lead is about the biggest impact player at the draft: The new 10-minute deadline between picks. Down from the endless 15-minute standard, I think this will make the draft a lot more enjoyable -- it would be even better if they made it 5 minutes.

And if they wanted to create the highest-rated sports-TV show in history, they would format the Draft to have 3 minutes per pick, with 2 minutes of on-screen advertising included in each 3-minute block -- almost all of the analysis can come after the first 90-minute first-round burst.

Minute 1: Analyze pick
Minute 2: Interview with athlete/GM/coach
Minute 3: Look-ahead to next pick.

If you've sat through the 15-minute (and even this new 10-minute) segment between picks (as I suspect almost all of you have), you know that there is about 1-2 minutes of good analysis, followed by fluff.

Meanwhile, which live-blogs will you be following? I'm going to try to post a small guide later today. (I won't be, but to the extent I can be sitting in front of the TV, I'm going to make it a Twitter-worthy event.)

Oh, KSK's surely makes my list

More from today's column

If every team was as insane as the Wizards, perhaps the NBA wouldn't be a niche sport... Cliff Lee is the first-month AL Cy Young winner... Frank Thomas will be awesome for the A's, just watch... Madden 09 having Brett Favre on the cover couldn't be more lame... Larry Brown is an idiot (but not as big of an idiot as any team that hires him)... T-Mac's effort in the 4th last night only silences his critics if the Rockets use last night's improbable win in Utah to springboard to an even more improbable series victory.

More tomorrow and Sunday, then back here Monday morning.

-- D.S.

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