Friday, April 25, 2008

Suckiest Sports Blog? Perhaps This One!

It is hard work to be either (a) the best or (b) the worst. I accept this title with all the shallow, lazy, self-indulgent effort put into earning it that you have come to expect and appreciate.

(It is a worthy addition to my No. 1 regional seeding in the Hot Blogger Contest and Honorable Mention status from as "Best Non-Corporate Sports Blog of 2007.")

-- D.S.

Just to clarify, I did not guest-post on that guy's blog. He wrote a parody. Or, should I say, "parody." Not sure where he got "profitable book sales." There's not even a book, let alone sales. But perhaps with help like this post, it will one day come to be.

1 comment:

marcomarco said...

Congrats Dan. I knew you'd take this in stride. Perhaps a new subtitle is appropriate:

And the new hotness is...
Winning the Suckiest Sports Blog Award!