Friday, April 25, 2008

How To Spend Your NFL Draft Day

Here's how I'm spending my NFL Draft day online:

Laugh: Following the Kissing Suzy Kolber live-blog.
Think: Relying on New Era Scouting to help me interpret.
Google Reader: To keep up on PFT and everywhere else.
Twitter: Me, obviously. (What? You're not following me there?)

Don't know NES? Here's the site. Here's their awesome draft guide -- the very latest version. (Hat-tip to NES head honcho Matt Miller and his crew for the help this spring on draft prep.)

-- D.S.

Update: Can I just throw something out there about the Falcons and Matt Ryan? They're picking the wrong Matt! Understanding that Matt Ryan seems overvalued in a weak QB class and that the Falcons will likely be bad enough next year to have a Top 3 pick again, why wouldn't they save their "Franchise QB" chip for the REAL superstar QB named Matt: Georgia's Matt Stafford, who after the 2008 season should be viewed as the Top NFL QB prospect in college football. OK, yes, I'm kind of geeked up for the Draft -- enough that I'm already thinking about '09.


jose 'cy young' canseco said...

dan, you're letting me down here. how could you not say that the best qb available next year will be tebow? still hoping he'll stay?

Matt T said...

That's assuming that Stafford comes out after his junior year.