Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday 04/24 A.M. Quickie:
Lakers, Pac-Man, Walsh, Celtics, More

Oh wow, do red-eye flights suck. But enough complaining: Spencer Hall is pinch-hitting this morning for me at, which I could never complain about.

Bleary-eyed and briefly:

Lakers beat Nuggets: I was watching this game at a sports bar in Denver, and you can feel the frustration from Nuggets fans about their team.

(But not nearly the frustration that they have in the Rockies' relief situation: I went to games the last two nights -- both blown saves. Ridiculous.)

Cowboys trade for Pac-Man Jones: Presumably, he will be taking the Michael Irvin Distinguished Professorship in Troublemaking.

Matt Walsh to talk with Roger Goodell, NFL: This will never happen, but they should stream the conversation live at; it would set online-sports records for audience size.

NFL Draft: Are the Rams going to draft Glenn Dorsey? I hope they actually sign him before Saturday, and the "pre-draft" can continue to the Falcons.

Are the Packers going to sign Daunte Culpepper? That's a strong move.

Gee, thanks Trevor Hoffman: You blew Greg Maddux's shot at win No. 350. Speaking of milestone wins, Mike Mussina moved ahead of Bob Gibson on the career wins list.

(In 5-10 years, when it becomes obvious that Mussina will be the last pitcher ever to reach the 250-win plateau, will he make it to the Hall of Fame? Hell, 200 might be a stretch.)

Celtics, Pistons win in routs: The C's are on track for a sweep; the Pistons, obviously perturbed at the Game 1 result, might win in 5 after finding their focus.

Is Tony Stewart leaving Joe Gibbs Racing? That means the most charismatic (and interesting) NASCAR driver is up for grabs -- if I was an owner, I'd pay to get him.

CFB: Is there any greater sin than transferring from Michigan to Ohio State? Justin Boren will find out. I don't begrudge him for leaving Michigan -- Rich Rodriguez isn't everyone's taste -- but how could he go to Ohio State? That's not a transfer; that's an allergic reaction.

-- D.S.


Ben Bromley said...

Actually, the Rams have been told by the NFL that they are not allowed to sign anyone until after they draft him, because the NFL wants the spectacle of the draft to stay. They don't want the draft playing out in the week before.

So why let anyone negotiate, then?

Michael W said...

Hoffman may have had a hall-of-fame worthy career, but the last year and a half, he's looked pretty over the hill. Gotta be pretty frustrating for Pads fans.