Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday 4/26 (Very) Quickie: Draft Day

Waiting on the start of the NFL Draft: Will Darren McFadden end up in New York City? Will Chad Henne skyrocket into the first round as some kind of poor man's Tom Brady? How will the "experts'" mock draft boards fall apart, as they most predictably will?

Who would have guessed that the lamest NBA West Playoff series would be Spurs-Suns? (Even the Mavs won once they got back home.)

I guess the Sixers were more legit than we thought.

I really really really wish Brett Favre would shut up finally and go away. If he didn't want to retire, he shouldn't have, but all this "look-at-me" teasing is insulting to the fans who sent him off with respect.

Wow: It's been a long time since we could say "Randy Johnson gets the win."

More later.

-- D.S.


sigszilla said...

Weird. This doesn't feel like the suckiest sports blog out there.

Johnny b said...

You personally don't want Brett Farve to go away. If he did that you couldn't rip him pointlessly anymore