Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday 06/09 A.M. Quickie:
Celtics, Belmont, Nadal, ChiSox, More

I think that the Lakers' comeback from 24 down with less than 8 to play -- even in a loss that put them in an 0-2 series hole -- was more telling than the Celtics' win.

The 2-3-2 format offers the opportunity to the Lakers to come roaring back with 3 straight wins, with all the momentum in the world and knowing they CAN win in Boston.

I am obsessed with Big Brown's epic failure, so much so that its ramifications across sports fandom led my Sporting News column this morning -- failure in the face of can't-miss success is so much more interesting than winning. Schadenfreude rules.

For example, the Giants' win was amazing, but not nearly as interesting as the Pats' losing. Da' Tara was a fine longshot story, but Big Brown losing was much more fascinating.

The Celtics went up 2-0 in their Finals series, but the Lakers' comeback was much more revealing. (And for all the hype for the Big Three, Leon Powe's unexpected 21-point surge was by far the most interesting of the Celtics' victory storylines, perhaps in all of the postseason.)

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-- D.S.

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Paul said...

What makes you think that a run in the fourth quarter let's the Lakers think they CAN win in Boston? It was so painfully clear that Boston mentally checked out of the game once they went up 24 points. Stupid move on their part, but I wouldn't count on that or any 41 point quarters happening again.

How can you watch that game and seriously believe that LA is going to win three straight at home? Really, you couldn't be any more off base.