Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday 06/10 A.M. Quickie:
Griffey, Strahan, NBA Finals, Viagra, More

My favorite Ken Griffey home run ever doesn't even count toward 600: The blast off the warehouse wall during the 1993 Home Run Derby. But I'm not sure any of his HRs were as symbolic of his power and playfulness as that one.

Griffey leads today's Sporting News column.

Speaking of Sporting News, did you see this in today's New York Times? (What: No mention of the bloggers? Damn! They missed the best angle!)

Meanwhile, I'm sure the cover of the NY Daily News -- about Roger Clemens and others using Viagra for performance enhancement OUT of the boudoir -- will be a popular meme today.

Otherwise, we're talking:
Free-throw disparity in the NBA Finals...
Evan Longoria's awesomeness...
The White Sox finding another hero...
MLB on iPhones...
Coaching changes in the NBA...

(OK: Who else has vivid memories of Vinny Del Negro while he played at NC State?)

And if you are from Holland or just like the color orange, congratulations on your big 3-0 win over Italy.

You know what June in the NFL is? Scandals and retirements. Cedric Benson goes down as one of the biggest draft busts ever... Michael Strahan heads off to a very lucrative TV career (without Jason Taylor's drama-queen element)... T.O. is T.O.

Here is a link to the complete column.

More coming later today, and if you stopped by yesterday, you know that I'm not kidding.

-- D.S.

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