Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday 06/12 A.M. Quickie:
Tiger, Phil, Rondo, Soriano, Pujols, More

First, if you missed it yesterday, I'd direct you to the post directly below (or here). It's a book review, but also a bit of a discussion-starter about the role of youth sports in society.

OK, so today's Sporting News column leads with the US Open, but only so I can have the rare chance to say "Field" over "Tiger." I am torn between rooting for some kind of awesome Tiger-as-Kerri-Strug victory for the ages vs. Tiger falling totally flat on his face and failing.

Meanwhile, I'm ready to stop talking about whether the NBA is rigged and simply look forward to the NBA ensuring that the Lakers win Game 4 tonight -- I'm quite sure the NBA has special psychokinetic powers that will keep Rondo gimpy...oh, and they'll use them! -- and make the NBA Finals a little more interesting (if exposing the 2-3-2 format as anti-competitive).

Seriously, if there were any concerns that the NBA is rigged, the league's insistence on using the 2-3-2 format in the Finals should shut that down. There couldn't be anything less competition-friendly than that.

Over in MLB, it's a big morning for injuries: Soriano. Pujols. And it's a big morning for Dan Uggla, who would be the best 2B in MLB if it wasn't for Chase Utley, who happens to lead Uggla for the NL HR lead, but only by 1 after Uggla's walk-off grand slam last night.

There's a ton more in the column today, so check it out. And, if you're a Varsity Dad fan, I will be updating that blog a couple of times today with after-thoughts from yesterday's post about Tom Farrey's book "Game On."

-- D.S.

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