Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday 06/15 (Very) Quickie: Tiger!

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. Let's start with the ultimate dad: Tiger Woods, raised by the ultimate sports dad, now a dad himself.

In what was instantly one of the most classic moments of his career (and arguably his finest moment ever), Tiger's limping surge to the US Open lead was the stuff of legend. I can't remember a greater moment in his career, including the '97 Masters, which was the previous gold standard.

Was it the 70-foot eagle putt on 13 that seemed to signal his surge? The one-hop chipper on 17 that bounced in for a birdie? (The look on his face after that shot went in was perhaps my favorite sports reaction shot of all time) Or maybe the way he closed it out, with that 30-foot putt for eagle on 18? Cripes. ALL ON THAT GIMPY KNEE!

(Caveat: It doesn't mean anything if he doesn't win today, and there's no guarantee the knee doesn't give out on him. But do you really think that he won't win? If you're lined up against him, do you really think you can take him? He has never lost a lead heading into a Sunday of a major. So there's that.)

Is everyone ready for the NBA season to end tonight? As long as the Celtics are going to win, isn't it more appropriate they win in Boston?

Good question: If you're a Celtics fan, and you knew you were going to win the title anyway, wouldn't you prefer to see them win it on the home court?

MLB: Interleague mania. Rays over Marlins behind Garza... A's Harden shuts out Giants in Bay Area battle... 5-run 10th (incl Kouzmanoff grand slam) leads Padres over Indians... Kevin Youkilis should be an All-Star...

NASCAR: Name to Know -- Joey Logano, who last night became the youngest driver ever (18 years, 21 days) to win a Nationwide series race. He will be a HUGE star once he gets to the Sprint Cup level...which at this pace, could be any week now.

NFL: Chad Johnson participated in drills on Saturday. Of course he did.

Again, happy father's day everyone. Catch you in the a.m.

-- D.S.


Michael W said...

Don't support Tiger Woods. He has clearly made some sort of Faustian pact with the devil. People shouldn't be that sick when they are 100%, and him doing it on a bum knee suggests there must be dark powers at work. I mean, what else could it be? It's inhuman.

Brother Squin said...

If I absolutely, 100% KNEW the Celtics would win it all, I would definitely prefer to win in Boston. However, since nothing in this world is guaranteed, I'll take winning in LA instead.

Unknown said...

Tiger Woods v. Rocco Mediate

should be a good one...