Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday 06/18 A.M. Quickie:
Yes, Yes, the Celtics Rule. Sigh.

I may not be a fan of the Celtics or their fans, but I can appreciate a great champion when I see one -- particularly one that wins a close-out game by a record 39.

I feel good for KG. I feel less good (but still good) for Pierce and Allen. You can see just how good I feel about them in today's Sporting News column.

What I am mostly struck by is the turnaround, perhaps the most dramatic in sports history. Credit Danny Ainge for pulling it off.

I have said for a while that anything less than an NBA title for this Celtics team would be a failure. That set them up to merely MEET expectations -- never exceed them.

But I think that, in this case, meeting the expectations -- given how massive they were -- is amazing in and of itself.

Meanwhile, Marcus Thames. It's not the 5 straight games with a HR. It's the fact that his last 8 hits have all been HR. THAT is the ludicrous part.

Michael Beasley is "only" 6-7 and I contend that will be enough for Pat Riley -- who never liked Beasley anyway -- to take OJ Mayo ahead of him. We'll see.

There is a ton more in today's SN column, so check it out here. It's a getaway day for me, but I will try to have another post later.

-- D.S.

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