Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday 06/17 A.M. Quickie:
Mets, Tiger, Rocco, Hank, NBA Draft

Stories that break overnight are fun, because when I file my column -- whether it was the Quickie or like today in my SN column -- I was among the first with an opinion. (Now, whether that opinion is worthwhile or not is another story...)

With Willie Randolph getting axed -- strangely, after a road win against a division-leading AL team -- you just got the sense that the moment typified the maddening mediocrity.

What should have been a big win instead merely put the Mets one game UNDER .500, with their season just shy of 70 games complete. Was Willie about to turn it around?

Obviously, the Wilpons thought he wasn't. Not sure why they took him on the road trip, though, because this feels like it was a done-deal.

Meanwhile, the opposite effect is in play for Tiger: With the epic 19-hold playoff over by 5, the topic was beaten into the ground by this morning.

"Tiger is awesome."
"Best Tiger major win ever."
"Who else stopped working?"

Even David Brooks used the event as column-fodder in today's NY Times (always interesting when non-sports columnists dive into sports, even if Tiger transcends sports at this point).

I am actually far more fascinated with Rocco. (It's just "Rocco" now, by the way.) It is possible to lose the match -- the major -- and win the day. In Rocco's case, the fame from taking Tiger to the edge should more than make up for the missed major.

Meanwhile, in MLB, Hank Steinbrenner hates the NL pitcher-bats rule. Given that Wang is out until September, I don't blame him, but his frustration is misplaced. Yeah, they're going to change the rule, just for you, Hank.

The NBA Draft was notable more for who dropped out than who stayed in: UNC's trio of players (Lawson, Ellington and Green) went back to Chapel Hill, making UNC the overwhelming No. 1 team next season. Of course, look at all the good that did them at this past Final Four.

There's a bunch more in the column, of course. Here is a link to the main column page, but you'll have to click through to see the whole thing.

-- D.S.

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