Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BlogPoll Week 2: The Final Edition (Group)

This week's BlogPoll Top 25, complete with the usual brilliant analysis and commentary from poll administrator Brian Cook of MGoBlog.

Let's compare!

DS No. 1: USC
BP No. 1: USC

DS 2-5: UGA, Okla, Mizzou, Fla
BP 2-5: UGA, Okla, Fla, Mizzou

DS has Ohio State: 12th
BP has Ohio State: 6th

DS has East Carolina: 8th
BP has East Carolina: 10th

DS apparently overrates: BYU (11th)
BP has BYU at: 21st

Similarly: DS Utah (17th); BP Utah (22nd)

DS ranks that BP doesn't: Georgia Tech (22nd)
BP ranks that DS doesn't: Fresno State (23rd)

Once again, I always defer to the wisdom of the crowd, but they're undervaluing the non-BCS teams (BYU, Utah), even if I'm undervaluing Fresno by not even ranking them. I'll rank Fresno State as soon as they beat Wisconsin in Fresno with WAC refs. I'm obviously out of the mainstream in punishing Ohio State. Right now, Florida's defense is much better than its offense, but I think Mizzou would put up enough points to score more than the Gators.

-- D.S.


Jon said...

The little guys (UTAH) appreciate it, Dan!

Go Utes!

The Mark Show said...

Yes, you have BYU ranked too high. You actually moved them UP after barely beating UW because of a ridiculous penalty.