Monday, September 08, 2008

This Week's BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot, Take 1

I punished Ohio State and put BYU in the "UR" penalty box -- for at least this week. Also, I am in a no-win situation with East Carolina: Based on my logic for putting them 8th, I should probably have them 1st. But I don't have that kind of fortitude; hopefully, a Top-10 ranking satisfies.

1 Southern Cal --
2 Georgia 1
3 Oklahoma 1
4 Missouri 3
5 Florida --
6 LSU --
7 Texas 3
8 East Carolina 18
9 Auburn --
10 Wisconsin 2
11 Ohio State 9
12 Kansas 4
13 Texas Tech 2
14 Wake Forest 1
15 South Florida 2
16 Utah 2
17 Alabama 3
18 Penn State 1
19 Arizona State 1
20 Oregon 1
21 Georgia Tech 5
22 Illinois 4
23 UCLA --
24 Arizona 2
25 Vanderbilt 1

Dropped Out: West Virginia (#8), Brigham Young (#13), Oklahoma State (#22), Connecticut (#24), Northwestern (#25).

Meanwhile, among other reasons that Knowshon Moreno is leading my Heisman ballot.


Ted Hill said...

West Virginia goes from #8 to out, by losing to your new #8 team. That's a tad harsh. They should be around the 20-25 range, at least until they lose again.

South Florida is grossly overrated. They lost three times in the big east last year. Remember? Now they struggle to beat a UCF sans-Kevin Smith?

Vanderbilt? SEC homerism at it's best. Congrats on the one win, but that shouldn't be an automatic top 25 appearance.

Johnny b said...

Penn State is better than you think. Trust me on this one. They look good

alamocitybear said...

Arizona at @ #23

Arizona 70 Idaho 0
Arizona 41 Toledo 16

California you have unranked

California 38 Michigan St 31
California 66 Wash State 3

Seriously? Perhaps it's your SEC bias rewarding a team for playing patsies. I would, however, give more credit to the school that is 2-0 against BCS conference teams.

Biff said...

You dropped BYU after they beat a PAC-10 opponent on the road?!

Seriously? Obviously you've bought into the whole "the refs handed BYU the game" media-spew that's going on. Did you watch the game?

I was there, and here's some stats that tell you the whole story:

BYU: 12/14 on 3rd downs
BYU: 475 yards total offense (to UW's 337)
BYU gave up two turnovers, one a fumble into the endzone after a 97-yard drive
A lateral by Locker was ruled incorrectly incomplete by the refs, that would have resulted in a turnover
BYU sacks allowed: 0

And, although the media would have you think that the deciding play was the refs calling the excessive celebration.... there was actually another play afterwards... And BYU *made* that play. I mean they *earned* the win. They blocked the extra point when they needed to, just like they did two games previous in their Bowl game victory over UCLA.

BYU in the last three years has beat: UCLA, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona

They have the longest winning streak in the nation. They are 23-4 over the last two years.

To drop them because the refs made the *right* call according to the rulebook is silly. To drop them because they didn't manhandle UW like Oregon did last week (at their home) indicates you didn't watch the game. BYU dominated on offense. UW was lucky to still be in the game. If you watch the last drive of UW, you will see holding multiple times that wasn't called. In fact, in the AP picture of the extra point block, you will see holding.

The crux of this is that BYU and the Mountain West are not part of the ESPN cartel, so they are being down-played by ESPN, while ECU is getting the "love". Sad, but true.

The BC$ at it's finest.

Unknown said...

Why'd you drop Oklahoma St. out? I'm not saying they should be in the top 25 necessarily, but they did have 699 yards of offense this week, and surely you didn't have them in your poll last week because of their defense. Just curious.

Biff said...

Here's some highlights from the BYU-UW game:

#32 is the nation's current leading receiver. After putting up 200+ yards the previous week, UW still couldn't stop him... he put up 100+ in this game. Oh, and he's a tight end. And he's not even the best receiver on our team. That goes to #9, Austin Collie, who had a *terrible* game with five dropped balls. If he catches those balls, like he usually does, BYU wins this easy.

Again, I'm not sure why BYU gets penalized in your poll because the refs made the call that is in line with the rulebook. Did he throw the ball high? Uh, yeah, like 20 feet in the air. Was this a point of emphasis this year? Nope. It's *always* been a rule. Find me a single time in the past five years where a scorer throws a ball 20 feet in the air and didn't get penalized for it. Some media hacks are calling it the "worst call they have ever seen". Puh-lease.

A.P. Boynton said...

Shanoff, Please stop with these ratings. You are showing a lack of comprehension of what happened with these teams. I know you're a SEC honk and tend to boil with homerism, but could you try to look at things objectively? Less hyperbole, more facts.