Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday 09/09 A.M. Quickie:
Cassel, Brady, Rodgers, Cutler, Lance

Matt Cassel-Sarah Palin '08! There's your dream ticket for the fall.

They are actually remarkably similar -- a conceit that leads today's SN column. They are the most pivotal figures in their respective sports this season.

Meanwhile, after OD'ing on Brady yesterday, I was struck by a new sensation (this isn't in the column):

The team is so much more likeable now. There is intrigue. There is uncertainty. There is creativity. Everything they lacked over the past 8 years.

I'm obviously no Pats fan, but I find myself rooting for Cassel to do well -- for Bill Belichick to push the boundaries of NFL Xs and Os to turn this team into a playoff winner.

Similarly, I find myself with the same feelings about the Packers. As all of you know, I don't care much for Brett Favre. But this Aaron Rodgers guy? Hell, after last night, what's not to like?

He is silencing the doubters and the haters -- the Favre-lovers -- and making his own way. Again: I find myself rooting for him to do well.

(I have always had a soft spot for Jay Cutler -- after watching highlights of last night, it's obvious he's in for a monster year. Royal dominated -- and that was without Brandon Marshall drawing the other team's best DB. And Scheffler looked like he's ready for a break-out, too. The only problem was that Darren McFadden didn't go crazy like I had hoped he would; my various fantasy teams, where I bet big on D-Mac, suffered.)

And so I find myself so conflicted: Pathos for the Pats and Packers, two teams I have historically disliked intensely. How odd....

Complete SN column here, including a look at why it might be time for the Rays bandwagoneers to panic; for Lance Armstrong to return; and for everyone to tune into Jeopardy tonight.

-- D.S.

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Anonymous said...

Who is Eddie Royal? I guess we all found out last night. Now with him and Marshall, the receiving corps looks great. They were playing Oakland so I'm not ready to hand over the AFC West to them, but Cutler is going to be a monster this year.