Friday, September 12, 2008

CFB Week 3 Top 25 Preview and Picks

You can see my take on USC-OSU in the post directly below. Meanwhile, there's a bunch of other great games, starting with Kansas-SoFla tonight in Tampa. With that HFA and the WAC refs, I'm liking Fresno State over Wisco; elsewhere on the BCS-Buster beat, I think BYU takes care of UCLA, in a win that adds to the Cougars' resume. Notre Dame-Michigan? Ugh: Please.

(1) USC over (5) Ohio State - GOTW (Duh)
(2) Georgia over @South Carolina
(3) Oklahoma over @Washington
(6) Missouri over Nevada
(7) LSU over North Texas
(8) Texas over Arkansas PPD
(9) Auburn over @Mississippi St
(21) Fresno State over (10) Wisconsin -- Upset Special
(11) Alabama over Western Kentucky
(12) Texas Tech over SMU
(19) South Florida over (13) Kansas - Friday (Non-USC/OSU GOTW)
(14) East Carolina over @Tulane
(15) Arizona State over UNLV
(16) Oregon over @Purdue -- Intriguing
(17) Penn State over @Syracuse -- Beating of the Week
(18) BYU over UCLA
(22) Utah over @Utah St
(23) Cal over @Maryland
(24) Illinois over LA-Lafayette

Non-Top 25 Games of Intrigue:
Michigan over Notre Dame -- Sigh.
Georgia Tech over @VA Tech -- Another GT gut check
Iowa over Iowa State -- Crazy early-season rivalry game!
Vandy over Rice -- Winner is 3-0

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Unknown said...


I value your weekly picks - even went so far as to join the daily quickie readers group of the college pickem game on - but how could you not even submit your week 2 picks IN YOUR OWN GROUP?!?!?! i measure my picks against yours in that group, but it's all out the window now as you took a goose egg in week 2...