Sunday, September 28, 2008

CFB BlogPoll Top 25 Week 5 Ballot, Take 1

Let me know what you think. Giving an early preview this week. Not sure I've dealt with USC, UGA and Florida correctly. No, the lack of 5-0 Northwestern isn't some form of self-loathing.

1 Alabama 9
2 Oklahoma 2
3 LSU 2
4 Texas 3
5 Missouri 1
6 Penn State 6
7 Brigham Young 1
8 South Florida 3
9 Texas Tech --
10 Southern Cal 8
11 Georgia 8
12 Utah 1
13 Boise State 2
14 Auburn 3
15 Ohio State 3
16 Kansas 3
17 Florida 12
18 Wisconsin 4
19 Fresno State 1
20 Oklahoma State 5
21 Ball State 1
22 Connecticut 1
23 Vanderbilt --
24 Michigan State 2
25 Tulsa 1

Dropped Out: Wake Forest (#16), TCU (#24).


Unknown said...

I was going to say how can you drop USC 8 spots and florida 12 spots. But i'm guessing your reasoning has to do with florida losing at home and USC losing on the road.

The only reason why I would change that a bit (say USC 8 spots florida 10) is USC was dominated for most of the game vs OSU. While, I admit I only saw about a quarter and a half of the florida game, it didn't seem like they were just being taken to town like USC was.

I also, as a Michigan fan, think Wisconsin should drop farther than 4 spots. They simply aren't a top 20 team, MAYBE a top 25 but I think that's even pushing it. Their defensive front 7 are good, but that is really about it.

Unknown said...

I would probably have Georgia over USC. Yeah, they got completely blown out, but at least Bama is a good team. And if USC hadn't scored that late touchdown they would have lost 27-14 (that is, by more than Georgia did, and yes I realize all of Georgia's points were garbage-time, but I don't care about logical consistency). But, there's really no good way to evaluate those 3 teams. I like dropping Florida that far since it appears they shouldn't have been top 5 to begin with. Good stat in Mandel's wrap-up at SI: "Following the Gators' inexplicable home loss to Ole Miss on Saturday, Meyer's team has gone just 6-4 over its past 10 SEC games."

I don't see why you moved Texas over Mizzou. They haven't played anyone remotely resembling a D1 football team. At least Mizzou beat Ill. Also, Greg Davis is a shitty offensive coordinator.

OK. As an OU fan, I'm not going to try to talk you out of having Bama ranked #1. I realize that if I were a Bama fan, I'd think you were the only blogger with enough guts to do what's right. IMO, both teams are perfectly reasonable choices. I'll just say this: I don't think there's any way Bama is actually better than OU. Yes, they've looked great in two big games, but also looked bad against Tulane. This is why I think OU's better: TCU shut down OU's run game and Bradford lit them up, passing for a career high for a third time this season. I can't see JPW leading Bama to wins if their run game gets shut down. Therefore, OU is obviously without a doubt going undefeated this year.

nsrrder said...

I think it's about dead on. I would drop Auburn further...that offense is a disgrace. There's no way they remain ranked for long.

Dan Shanoff said...

Promise you this, James: If/when Oklahoma beats Texas, they will be No. 1 with a bullet (assuming both are unbeaten heading into the game).

I put Texas ahead of Missouri because of two things: Texas' offense should light up Mizzou, and the UT D.C. Will Muschamp is the best defensive coordinator in college football; UT's defense is significantly upgraded.

Fair point that I'm using speculation here; if you go with the "what have you done for me" model, Missouri's win over Illinois is more impressive than any Texas win.

Tsell said...

Penn State over Mizzou. Mizzou has a sweet offense and no defense (see vs. Illinois). Penn State has a sweet offense and a good not great defense (see vs. Illinois).

Chaddogg said...

I'm calling it -- Dan, you've begun the Dan Shanoff curse on the Gators.

The theory? By fully embracing your UF-fandom, you have doomed Florida to a slow, debilitating fall from grace. Correspondingly, the team you spurned -- Northwestern -- is in the beginning of a dynastic sports renaissance, with the 4-time national champion women's lacrosse team, a College World Series-caliber softball team, and now Pat Fitzgerald (aka the Purple's Paterno) leading NU to its first 5-0 start since the Kennedy administration.

When NU's men's basketball team makes the NCAA tourney for the first time ever, the Dan Shanoff curse will be complete.

Michael W said...

You dropped Florida too far, don't panic so much. Do you really think Florida would lose to Kansas or Ohio State? If not (and you shouldn't), you need to boost Florida over them. #13, at worst, since Utah is the lowest rank team you could make an argument against Florida.

I completely agree with your above comment that Texas is going to cream Missouri; Missouri has a good offense, but that's it, and it doesn't save them against the truly good teams.