Friday, October 03, 2008

BW's Top 100 Most Influential Sports People

Business Week launches its list: Tiger at No. 1? No way. Let's see: Tiger has been off the radar for nearly six months, and the sports world has thrived -- Golf? not so much. But that wasn't the list.

Other highlights: Michael Jordan at No. 9? Is this 2008 or 1998? (Most athletes in general -- LeBron at No. 17? -- are overrated. Lance Armstrong on the list? Totally. At No. 15? Hmm.)

Bob Bowman, CEO of MLB Advanced Media, at No. 83? That's absurd. He could be Top 20. The list shows a fundamentally lacking weight placed on folks leading the way in emerging media.

(I'll say the same thing I said last year, with a new name: The Deadspin editor, AJ Daulerio, should have made the list, even as a token at No. 100, particularly given the outsized influence of a site considered outside the mainstream.)

In the end, lists like this are meant to be ego trips for the people and organizations listed on them -- and fodder for debate for sports-business wonks like me or Rovell.

-- D.S.

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